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Today's Webcast With Lupe [Video]

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on February 25, 2011

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Lupe is on his second verse and like I said before the T.V. is on the News and they are filming the "projects" but it's nice top of the line houses. Outside is no ghetto and the scenery is beautiful, white and black people are playing basket ball, conversating, and people who was once affiliated with gangs are now at peace. Then the channel flips to BET and it's W.O.W. where that Fred Astire does a backspin, after that the Rat Pack appears on BET and five white kids who are watching at home decides to become the Jacksons. Eminem is on the countdown next and a white kid is in the candy shop and the cashier hands him 50 cents in his hand and behind the cashier is Eminem on BET. The chorus comes and right when that's happening the T.V. is going through all the all it's channels and Lupe is like up but not all the way up. He finally wakes up and sees himself on T.V. and the past racial figures I mentioned before are now chasing him and he flips through the channels and slavery, racism, KKK, just all the negative events blacks had to experience. Lupe is sitting on his couch with his hands over his head and starts to close his and and it goes to the T.V. where it's all black everything. PS. If you don't like my idea kick rocks
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It's night time and Lupe is in his home watching the History channel about real racism, KKK, slavery, war, basically everything he mentioned in the first verse. Then he falls asleep and notices that all these past racial individuals are chasing him with guns, whips, and a cross on fire in their hands and are wearing KKK masks. Lupe gets cornered and he is about to get thrown on the boat and right when he starts rapping the boat magically disappears and he falls in the water. When he fell in the water he sees a black hand pulling him out so he grabs it and puts on his glasses and notices that in essence, it's truly all black everything. He looks up ans Africa is all futuristic tribe leaders are on jet packs, wearing Iron Man suits, yeah that kind of stuff. Now it's still the History channel and a time line appears on the screen going through all the events that occurred in Lupe's first verse, while Lupe is right there to get a first-hand experience on what's occuring.. The chorus comes and right when that's happening the T.V. is going through all the all it's channels and stops on the News
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My idea for video treatment. The video starts with 5 children (based on 5 races of man theory) playing marbles in a white circle. They are colourless in that circle. But surrounding them is green grass. All the marbles are mini globes and the camera zooms in and falls into 1 of them “go” landing on the western coast of Africa. Where civilization is technologically advanced compared to Europe for the time period prior to the European slave trade. (I want the extreme technological advancement to be a representation of how progressive/forward/intellectually advanced Africa was and what we’ve lost). (bare with me here.. you have to see it drawn) 10 anti-gravitational scooters set out across the Atlantic ocean(“we aint never leave”) and ride the violins to land on the Coast of Florida at the same time as Juan Ponce de León. Where He and one of the African men shake the hands of one ‘American’ (Native American) man and woman. (00:31 end of chorus). Then there’s small jumps in time like quantum leap the show, the tunnels like the inside of laser beams, showing America being built (in all aspects not just bricks) like a triangle (FFF) by Native Americans, Europeans and Africans. 400 years pass, Native American president shakes hands with W.E.B Du Bois. I’m gonna jump to the end (word limit). It ends with a jump to a man sat in a Chicago park playing chess by himself (Lupe) and as he moves a pawn the lines of the chessboard start to fill/bleed colour. He looks to the side and sees the 5 children from the beginning; who now take on colour and different ethnicities. So he closes his eyes and its all black everything from 3:20 till fade. I also see the video as a step by step completion of the manifesto e.g. “the sign of white rapper by the name of 50 Cent”. In that scene a child picks up 50 cent and then in his lifetime goes on to break the monetary system thus breaking class divide. Thanks for taking the time to read this !
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The video should be you re-writing history the way it is told in this song. The video starts with a history book on a school desk in a classroom, you come over and open up the book. As you flip through a few pages you get the idea of a world without racism/slaves. The camera pans over your shoulder and zooms into the pages of the book where your thoughts and ideas are being swapped with what really happened. As you are doing this posters of the people your mentioning are nodding their heads in approval to the idea of a world without racism/slaves. When you say lines like "Somalia's a great place to relax in" have a greeting card from Somalia drop onto the page. While the song is progressing and your ideas are becoming reality have people of all ages and races kids,adults,business men/women come into the class and sit at other desk and begin to read along with you. As the song progresses all elements of racial slurs and discrimination are disappearing from the world around you. As the song comes to a close the camera peers over at the class to show that everyone is wearing LASERS attire. That's my take on what the video should be like. La-zer.
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so they leaked lasers. sneaky people. i aint gone download it tho i wanna wait till release and buy the actual album. i dont like leakers.
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Ok now that I think about it, he has every right to be this way he has worked really hard. Nothing but love for ya Lu. :) God bless you always
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I really Got love for ya Lu , Maybe I'm being a pessimist however I feel some type of way on his attitude like he didn't really want 2 show his fans any love. that's def no like him. We know your busy so I'm just going to shutup. Gonna copp thatalbum exactly March,8th I've waited over 3 yrs might as well wait a couple more days don't want to hear a peice I want the whole thang...YA DIGG?
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Video idea: A young black male (Mid 20's) happens to see a roundtable discussion on issues in Black America. Two pundits are debating and one throws out the idea of "What IF there were no slaves in America? What IF there was no KKK or there wasn't a Black Panther Movement? How would America be today?" He begins to sit and ponder (Music starts) and turns off the TV and closes his eyes/falls asleep. Then a "Dream" transition to Lupe walking in front of a large mob of people that are behind him all in Black Panther attire (All black, berets, black leather jackets) Lupe starts rapping the chorus, walking in an all black background with multiple old black and white civil rights footage of different events from the time period, shown through a projector at an angle to suggest they are walking down a long hallway. Then cut to the young black male superimposed and being present decades ago at the fantasized "What-If" events Lupe raps about in the track (MLK reading eulogy at a young Malcolm X's funeral, black woman becoming head of KKK, Somalia being a great place to relax in, etc.) OR, The young male will be alone in the all black hallway looking in awe of all the black and white footage around him and the footage will match the"What-If" events Lupe raps about in the track and will quick flash or zoom in to full. Video will cut back & forth from the young male to Lupe and the people behind him in the black background with the projected footage. The video will end with Afeni Shakur (former Black Panther) holding a picture of her son Tupac Shakur and David Hilliard (co-founder of the Black Panthers) holding a picture of Huey Newton. *I actually just made & posted a video to "Words I Never Said" and Fiasco Friday footage using a lot of clips of videos from youtube. Check it out!
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LOLOL I Admire Lupe. ?
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The video starts with Lupe walking amongst slaves on a tattered ship; Lupe has an aurora around him--the essence of a ghost. Taking steps to the rhythm of the gentle guitar, he looks into the camera and the angle changes focus to the front of Lupe once the bass hits; he begins to sing. In mid-scene Lupe takes notice in a small, black child; he is the only one to notice the existence of Lupe. Lupe takes the hand of the child and the moment of the word “Slave ships” the setting disappears and an aurora has been created for the child; they are standing on a cloud in a starry sky. Once the first verse begins Lupe and the boy take a journey through the past, present, and the future--A Christmas Carol reference. Magically traveling to the city of New York, Lupe articulates his thoughts for the little boy in his beautiful, peaceful dream-world where newspapers, banners, and billboards contain the messages Lupe is relaying. Those said newspapers and banners can be used as excellent B-rolls; they are simple and to the point. During the course of Lupe’s three verses the boy will start to age. Near the end of the song two situations begin: Lupe and the boy magically disappear; and the boy is placed back on the ship. A wave attacks the boat which in reality, is the tick that awakes Lupe from a deep sleep in an airport. The video ends with Lupe checking his watch and leaving to catch his flight. The video will be shot in black and white until Lupe wakes up, then the video will be shot in color.
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My idea for the video: The word truth comes to stand on the ground, and the word possible comes to stand above. Now There stand The Possible truth. Now the camera moves upwards vertically, where you now see a road, were the side rails of the road a TV-screens. En Lupe starts moving through that path. On the TV screens you see the news items that would have became reality if maybe slaves where employees, and you start seeing TV programs, that aren’t expect to be made by afro-Americans. You also see the bad things like people getting killed in third world countries, changing into positive messages like third world country people becoming very important people. And at the end of the video You come to a door. And the door opens and you enter cinema. And at the screen you see Lupe telling the L.A.S.E.R.S manifesto. And that will be the truth after 8th of march. Don't stop doing the right thing Lupe,
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waste of time. with this u stream... you sound busy man. when that does happen dont go online and do a live event. pontless. but anyways your music is still dope. music you do with your band is good too...i would like to hear more of that. but cant wait fo rthe album to drop. ill buy it from the store. or just download it from datpiff.. jokes. goin to fye on wed...i thought it was live too... i wanted to ask ...did you ever watch the big lebowski.???smh
5thElement's picture

Lupe you are my rap hero! :D
spaz's picture

my video idea for all black everything by the way\/\/
spaz's picture

i got a sick idea so your walking down a street with buildings on both sides and cars driving bye and people on the side walks and all couloured but not normally coloured, very vivid and crazy colours and the once the chorus come up the who town gets splashed with black and grey (so you can see the cars and stuff still) that you are mabe throwing out of buckets or hose or it comes up out of the ground or mabe it just falls from the sky. but your standing there smiling still in normal coulour in the middle of a 4 way intersection and everyone on the side walks is standing still.
fonso's picture

every time im doin some graff im always blastin that lupe in my headphones
lukegarrett95's picture

My Idea for the video clip is it being in black and white, and Lupe is walking down the street, with Black people on one side and White people on the other. Instead of the White being rich and the Black being poor, its the other way around, this will be the video during the chorus. For the verses Lupe is walking past all of the black slaves, with them in slow motion and him in normal speed. Then Lupe follows the slaves home to their mansions and the next verse you watch Lupe follow the White people back to their poor, broken homes. The final chorus sees the White and Black people with equality and as the song comes to an end, a black man wakes up from a dream and walks outside and the White people are rich and the Black are poor. Yo Lupe, give us a yell if you like the idea!
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lupe you are the best because your so real and you have a good influence on todays generation
MissDumbo's picture

is this competition going to go ahead? i really want to submit my idea to!!
Blazenificent's picture

First and foremost...LUPE Whattup Doe!!! Chi-Town!!! Okay, here is my concept for the "All Black Everything" video. A brief description but it’s dope so check it out. Setting: Chicago, Illinois. 2011. Present time. Intro: A fan (a young teen) just coped the Lasers album from the record store. He wants to listen to it immediately so he plays it in his CD player. He gets on the bus (Public Transportation) and listens to the "All Black Everything" song. Falls asleep. Then dreams about what Lupe is talking about. Lupe is the bus driver. Video: Lupe is rapping to the young teen. Lupe is "time traveling" and takes the teen through each scenario he raps about. The teen can visually see it by looking out the window. In these scenarios Lupe plays the characters he is rapping about. For example, he plays Martin Luther King reading Malcolm's eulogy. Also, there are people on the bus but they are just sitting minding their own business. End: The kid gets off of the bus. As he walks down the street he walks past Lupe. (Lupe is everywhere, so watch out yo!!!) As he walks home he see the stuff that’s going on and starts to think about what he saw on the bus. Brief, but just the basic concept. Yo Lu get @ me!!! Got beats too Lupe!!! For the low low!!! Peace & Much Luv, Robert aka “Blaze”
owolabeast's picture

you should have a video for All Black Everything like the Billie Jean video except no dancing. Have the tiles light up black(oxymoron) or have lasers touch objects/people and changing them in some form. Basically make people see black not as a bad thing but a positive(peaceful).IDK thought it might be cool :/
Jeremiah D's picture

I need that anarchy armband lu be wearin
O.B.G.'s picture

where's lupe?
LupeLakersJasmine24's picture

Lupe! You should collaborate with Immortal Technique, I'm sure all the fans with great taste in music haha will loveee it! I love you! Well WE love youu!! keep doin what you do, dont let anybody get in your way:)
M_I's picture

When will this work?
M_I's picture

What are your thoughts on Immortal Technique's music?
EazyNeva's picture

Lupe, Do you believe the US economy will completely collapse within the next 2 years, considering we owe more than $14 trillion and have a $3 trillion deficit? Also, Do you believe this is the final push by the powers that be to grasp the world while it's in chaos and create the tyrannical One World Government?
kenzino's picture

Is it just me, or can no one else see Lupe? :/
SARA613's picture

where do we send in our idea for All Black Everything?
christian_6's picture

Will "Scream" be on Lasers as a bonus track?


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