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Today's Webcast With Lupe [Video]

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Busy's picture
on February 25, 2011

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arcade305's picture

cant wait for the hangover 2 .....right lupe?
Miss.Sana's picture

AdamTP's picture

how do we get there?
Eddie Desta's picture

i'm live right now! Lupe Fiasco
maria's picture

how do I get there?
royell stewart's picture

where u at
lanahussain's picture

Seriously Lupe :(
JazzyJ's picture

Yay something is up!!
ishmael street's picture

I AM Black History   I have  the knowledge to be the  teacher in my village     I have the power to be the hero that takes down every villain     I have the voice to speak change for the children     I am that movement that can push the boulder down the hill     I am that dark skin that can add light color to the project borders     I am the one thats grateful     thats my ancestors made away so I can walk throw front doors     and drink out of every water fountain in every store     and read and write in a note pad on any school yard  
Shamiria's picture

You all need to calm the fuck down.
MizzFiasco's picture

where how i get there
AdamTP's picture

the show is going on
Miss.Sana's picture

ikrahjavier's picture

it 9:10 here in england .. wheres lupe at ?
AdamTP's picture

hes in a traffic jam apparently, he just tweeted it
LadyLaser's picture

*sigh*...................................... :(
Samar Abid's picture

@Reemsta True that!
Eddie Desta's picture

If we all leave now he'll never be late again ^_^
Miss.Sana's picture

okay there's a limit Lu.
Timon's picture

cant wait any more, life goes go, the show goes on. FNF up! someone please just ask him if hes Team Edward or Team Jacob one love
Matt_13's picture

em and lupe's picture

this is taking forever where is heeeeeeeeeee
Reemsta's picture

Sabr is a virtue :0)
ikrahjavier's picture

... TICK TOCK ! :(
Ramzy Fiasco's picture

Lupe is busy twittering...
wylout's picture

ELLEBEE's picture

Timon's picture

@samar Thank you! finally haha
Samar Abid's picture

@ Timon I spit hot fire :D
JazzyJ's picture

Lupe, u got some 'splaining to do boo! Lol


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