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Today's Webcast With Lupe [Video]

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Busy's picture
on February 25, 2011

Pre-order your exclusive bundle for the album here!


dalenathecool's picture

:( Everything is always pushed back
wylout's picture

just to speak to him is worth the wait
Boricua1Santana's picture

somebody please ask about scream cuz i NEED that song
immortal's picture

Omaha, NE high schools need your motivation Lupe. How can we get you to come and help us with engaging students in education?
Gavin Fiasco's picture

Damn, 3:41 and no sign of Lupe I'm assuming he's on black time today
dalcott's picture

613 Says is right, Atlantic Records will probably release this webcast next spring.
moemoneysouth's picture

this is a rip off i would not be surprised if rolando sanchez gang member of the latin kings would boot leg lupe's stuff the same rolando sanchez that snitched on the latin kings
BlckStrdust's picture

You guys don't be late... Where is everyone? Am I missing something??? :(
PSLUPE's picture

Lupe you gonna be touring in D.C this year? Also any chance of collabing with Cudi, Kanye (again), or NAS, well especially NAS thanks and keep up the good are the only thing I listen to these days
Aamir's picture

@DON786 This question MUST be answered lol !!
Jorros's picture

What's your take on what went down during this years NBA trade deadline?
adHD8290's picture

its 3:40 in Philly, wheres the link at??
Eddie Desta's picture

sorry guys im running late for the webcast..i'll get live asap..and tweet when im ready - Lupe fiasco
Melxoxox's picture

How do i view the webcast :(
Smokey555's picture

lmao @613
Versa's picture

Lupe, are I'm Beamin' and Shining Down' the only bonus tracks we'll be getting?
ReeReeindc's picture

Patiently waiting.....
dalenathecool's picture

Tick tock
maria's picture

ok im missing it... its 3:40 and I can;t find my way damn
stldynamite's picture

soulja boy already got his handed to him by Charles Hamilton soulja boy is nothing more than a pawn and slave to the game. He ain't even married to it....just a little bitch slave.
ashhhpattt's picture

Are you ever going to come to MARYLAND??? that'd be amazing! otherwise im going to have to take a roadtrip!!!
toxicsweetheart's picture

where is he???
wylout's picture

why is everyone asking questions a d Lu's not here?
LBI09's picture

Will horn synth, army girl, scream, etc. ever be released for purchase? I purposely never downloaded them in order to support you as an artist.
headbanger32894's picture

With Lasers, did you try to satisfy the fans more or stick with what you personally wanted to do? Either way, love the stuff you've put out already.
inkveins's picture

what is your favorite godfather movie?
Ramzy Fiasco's picture

Damn it must be a conspiracy
nick_9's picture

lol, they shoulda posted the link to the webcast initially--fgs
V OC's picture

how do you get into the rap game? and will you ever collab with kid cudi??
bmacandcheesend's picture



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