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Today's Webcast With Lupe [Video]

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Busy's picture
on February 25, 2011

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AdamTP's picture

what do you think about dr. dre as a producer? you guys should collab...
Kakashi Fiasco's picture

LUPE IS SICK AND DOPE... ok I have to articulate my joy and enthusiasm for lupe and his music a little more intellectually. Lupe you have been my favourite rapper(plus the best) since I started listening to music. You are too skilled at what you do and you deserve way more appreciation and recognition not in terms of billboard charts though. The complexities of your multi layered subversive lyrics, your ingenious story telling and your fluid "flow" combined are unequalled, unparralleled and unmatched. I have so much respect for you and your music. And your japanese cartoon stuff is interesting. Truly inspirational. All I can say is dont quit.
mihai's picture

luuupppeeeee, where u at!?!?!? wannaaaaaaa talk homie...see whats good, ya digg!?!?
Samar Abid's picture

Hey Salam bro! Congrats on the great music, keep up the good work. Would be great to hear you songs LIVE one day, if at all possible come out to the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. There's so many fans here. anyways Respect from Canada
Carlo Is Not A Loser's picture

Busy post the webcast we're impatienly waiting!
thexc0ol's picture

What do you think about the soulja boys and the waka flockas of the rap game?
wylout's picture

hope he comes on soon...and its really him!
Ramzy Fiasco's picture

Yo Lupe my man, you is late...
GG.Mac's picture

STLDYNAMITE...I'm not too familiar with Joel Ortiz or any of the Slaughterhouse crew but I look forward to hearing their stuff, also looking forward to the long delayed Saigon album too.
marzlovejoy's picture

i'm pissed i cant see this joint son!
Fresco the kid's picture

What up Lu im an up coming artist working with Big Boi as of two days ago=) but I wanna let u kno ur music has carried me a long way and everyone that hears my music can hear you in ya kno. But yea stay up man hopefully we'll collab one day.-Fresco d kid
kinzball's picture

where are you lupe?????
tedmosbey's picture

where it at ?
nick_9's picture

;[ They said don't be late. Your fans are STOKED!
dundlenut's picture

Hey Lupe, When are you going to retweet me one day. It would be a dream come true! @dundlenut
Skyfather's picture

who's gonna be on F&L2 as far as producers & features go?
Cree's picture

wylout's picture

i guess he's not here
V OC's picture

how do you get into the rap game? and will you ever collab with kid cudi??
Kakashi Fiasco's picture

Lupe Go to sleep was amazing, the beat too. are there more songs with that type of simplistic beat coming up?
Ramzy Fiasco's picture

Where is it?
Nate_2's picture

Lupe, are you performing any F&L tracks this Sunday in NYC?
Sound Boy's picture

Errrr....where is he?
LBI09's picture

Will horn synth, army girl, scream, etc. ever be released for purchase? I purposely never downloaded them in order to support you as an artist.
nerdk's picture

Hey, Lupe...Few questions here from London, UK; Will food and liquor II be coming out this year? Also, are there any other records you will be releasing, because you said in one of your interviews about continuing with a possible “The Cool II” etc...Lastly, will there be more Sway (or any other UK artist) collaborations to come?
PSLUPE's picture

Also University of Maryland needs a good performance from an actually talented musician. I am tired of hearing names like Jay Sean thrown around. You need to come..I'd pay so much to see you live.
BRBeatz's picture

is there a link to the show?
wed_thefiasco's picture

will you be at the album release/mass buy at union square ny
Tipbreezy's picture

where mr fiasco at????
bkariya22's picture

In your honest opinion, did Lasers' tracklist end up feeling exactly the way you wanted it to? Or did Atlantic have a negative impact on the final result?


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