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Today's Webcast With Lupe [Video]

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Busy's picture
on February 25, 2011

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stldynamite's picture

Is this thing on? Mic check 1,2......
TheReal's picture

Lupe, you got to do some work with Jay Electronica, he's on the up and up. But I have a question, How did you know you wanted to be a rapper?
NizzyismyVenom's picture

ARe you excepting interns for First and Fifteen?
Carlo Is Not A Loser's picture

Where's the webcast!?
Sully Jako's picture

Do you like the cool or f&l better. I love the cool
marzlovejoy's picture

where's the cam?
G Farris's picture

whats up lupe? are going to collab with trae again n also have u ever thouht about doin a song with k'naan, talib kweli, and/or immortal technique?
don786's picture

Will you collaborate with Lowkey, on his new track Obama Nation Pt. II?
Kakashi Fiasco's picture

There really has to be a kid fiasco collab! I'm thinking of a whole album
timoteo127's picture

Would you be interested in performing at Middlebury College in Middlebury Vermont?
stldynamite's picture

GG Joel Ortiz?????? shame on you! Dude KILLS IT!
Qu1ck's picture

how u get to the webcast?
wylout's picture

Hey is lupe here?
xfactor's picture

Lupe do you have future plans for Hajj?
Izay345's picture

In the past it seems that you went with more of a hustler style and when making the cool you went with more of a dark sort of gothic style in you raps. what style would you describe your raps as in lasers?
Aamir's picture

Will you collaborate with Lowkey, on his new track Obama Nation Pt. II?
geraldkong's picture

Sup Lupe! Where did you get the inspiration for "The Cool" off Food&Liquor? Was it just you and Kanye throwing ideas back and forth in the studio? That song is FIRE!
Matt_13's picture

biz. gets. busy.
marzlovejoy's picture

MrChicagoWind's picture

Will we ever be bold enough to rebel against the government?
V OC's picture

how do you get into the rap game? and will you ever collab with kid cudi??
NizzyismyVenom's picture

how do I find this webcast?..:( lol
613's picture

So how do I view the webcast?
Versa's picture

What is your favorite song from Food & Liquor and The Cool?
Matt_13's picture

I'm gonna get the final producer list once and for all!
AdamTP's picture

who's on your ipod?
ikrahjavier's picture

do you ever get stage fright ?
PSLUPE's picture

Lupe just wondering how likely is a collab album with Nas. It would be unbelievably amazing!
Sully Jako's picture

So F&L 2 going to be pop like LASERS?!?!?!?
rowans126's picture

do you think that anarchism is a solution to the problems of capitalism?


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