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Tupac's Words Of Wisdom

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on December 30, 2010


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I love it. Wohooooo
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@MIKALMJ and @ZACK SMITH yes, Pac was real and honest, but that doesn't override the fact that he promoted violence and sometimes hate. Lupe (as far as I know) is all about peace and elevating youth through dispelling ignorance. Those are primary aspects of Islam. No hate. No violence. When Lupe posts stuff like this it almost contradicts the stance that he set up in Food and Liquor. Honestly, I just wanna hear him get back to the subject matter that he covered in Kick Push II, Daydreamin, He Say She Say, and American Terrorist. And get back to that easy-goin, swagged out nerd thing he was on in I Gotcha and Kick Push...I hope he reads this.
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pepper and dano don't understand, lupe wants to expel fake ignorant people, pac was hood and he couldnt help that but he still stood for something right, he was conflicted and to put him on the same category of hip hop now a days is foolish, he was a nigga but he was real
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Why shouldn't people hear this? Tupac defined a generation of music, in addition to being a musical and poetic genius, he remained true to himself and to the people he chose to represent. Whether or not you agree with his message is besides the point, Tupac embodies the soul of hip hop and he never once neglected to put his voice out there and stand up for the "hood".
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Lupe...why? Most of this is the exact stuff that folk in the hood SHOULD NOT be hearing...
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I am a bit confounded as to why this video was posted. This video only serves to prove that Tupac was capable of some of the most insightful, deep and thought provoking comments as well as UTTER dribble... in equal measure. He is undoubtedly one of the great artists of the 20th Century, and in some ways, he was ahead of his time. But, "I'm a buy a Benz; cause that's what niggas do I'm a smoke weed; cause that's what niggas do I'm a pack a gat; cause that's what niggas do I'm a get drunk; cause that's what niggas do" seems PRECISELY the idea so ingrained into the American psyche that Lupe is trying to dispel. But, perhaps I missed the point... In any case, I have a funny feeling we are going to be seeing big things from Lupe in not just 2011, but the entire decade Jon We are NOT losers. We are Lasers.
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Yo Tupac is one of the most influencial artist ever...He was wise...but I also think when he signed with deathrow...dudes started to cloud his mind...
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Wow, a lot of inspiration from that Lupe! Thanks. - 03/08/11
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I am really happy to be a member of this community and hope all the member will welcome me.
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Hi I just wanted to say a big thank you for a great blog post. I always find that I learn great things from you and your work and could never appreciate it enough. You do a wonderful job at opening my eyes and I really feel like I have learnt something from you. Keep up the fantastic blog posts and I have just tweeted the post on Twitter and will be joining your RSS feed. Thanks again Nicole
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this is very inspirational. i feel like reading a book right now. mad props to you Lupe. im a new and upcoming artist myself and i just want you to know that you definitely inspire me
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Killuminati Lupe. Keep going, We support ya.
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Ive always said you lupe were the baby pac. tupac has been my favorite artist since i was 5 and you are now tied with him i no that might not mean a lot to you but you have a huge impact on the directions I take in my life. im also a muslim and its just incredible that you are in the music spotlight and still refuse to drink and smoke, I want to be just like you when I grow up and i mean spiritually not just career wise. :LoveAlwaysShinesEverytimeRemember2Smile
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Lupe! Just wanted to say i'm very proud of you bud! I know you probably don't read this but hopefully one day you can help me with my homeless tee shirt project. May God Bless Lasers. Scuba Steve

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