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New Music: "All Black Everything"

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on February 22, 2011
Get this track + "Never Forget You" ft. John Legend + "The Show Goes On" and "Words I Never Said" ft. Skaylar Grey on iTunes Pass: Lasers right now! 14 Days!


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Video Concept: Start it with a reporter from fox news covering lupes speech. The reporter is personally attacking lupe and his motives. Then jump to lupe giving a speech reciting his lyrics at lincoln memorial. The crowd will start out seperated in groups, with each group wearing different symbolic masks (greed, power, etc.). As hes giving the speach, have a scene of a positive/uplifting newsreels covering what lupe is saying about his dream. Throughout the speech, he starts to influence the groups in the crowd and they begin to remove their masks, and form one big crowd. End it with the fox news reporter being questioned and left speechless.
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Wow lupe. U are on another level, nobody can catch up to you. I can't stop playing this, im definintely coppin the album when it lands in stores.
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Now that’s how I’ll end that because I Gotta Eat and I gotta Go To Sleep. So here’s the Outro to this Ignorant Freestyle that was Absolutely Fiasco: let me start off by saying Hip Hop Saved My Life. You need to listen to the Lupe Outro or Lupe New York Interlude or Lupe Exclusive Sneaker Interlude because Lupe Talks ToThe People even I have gone Lu Myself. You can’t deny he’s Lupe The Killer. I’m done spilling out Words I Never Said so I’m outta here like Outty 5000. Lupe I want you to know man We Love You and for you tone deaf that aint been put on yet, Lasers drops March 8TH so buy it and Make Sure You Get A Shirt!!!!
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Well enough of that its time for me to Kick Push back to Paris Tokyo because that’s where I dream. It’s my Twilight Zone where I work on my Switch Science Project and nobody comes up when I speak and says What You Talking Bout. It’s a place where I can Spaze Out and not only Touch The Sky but go past it into the unknown universe because I’m a Superstar. It’s where I meet Mc Fly and he says I’m his sunshine and he becomes my Solar Midnite. And when I began to think it isn’t real and that I’m falling I write a letter to plead for it not to hurt that begins Dear Fall, but before I go any further he grabs my hand and says this is real this is What You Want I won’t let you fall I Gotcha. All in all he Breaks The Chain because he payed attention to what Baba Says Cool For Thought and he listened. As a result I realize that he’s growing up and Shining Down on places that need lights and I like it …..And He Gets The Girl. I make sure I let him now I won’t Dumb It Down I’m not a Failure. I tell him Don’t Get It Twisted I’m strong and my emotions are real and my blood full of Fighters. I say if you don’t want to do it anymore don’t go out and give away Free Chilly man Can You Let Me Know . He says I Put You On Game and he hands me his Gold Watch. I smile and say I’ll Never Forget You. So when it’s Game Time and he’s Coming Up and the haters treat him like an American Terrorist singing their Hater Hop, I’ll be in the crowd screaming Go Baby and I'll be waving Hello Goodbye and not listening to that He Say She Say because at the moment I’ll be a proud employee of Happy Industries. I’ll be repping my man even in All Black Everything I'll be able to say I’m Beaming. Haters won’t even be able to see us because well be in High Definition just basking in our Glory. I love it when he says to me You My then he pauses as if he’s thinking and says my Go Go Gadget Flow.
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He then finds himself in a mental Blackout and when he snaps out all he sees are his feet slicing thru Beautiful Lasers and a loud alarm that keeps repeating Intruder Alert. Outside he hears the police and looks at his hands where he’s holding a bag full of Conflict Diamonds. Let’s end the story with the fact that as much as he tried and even though he could’ve been Much More he was taken away in Handcuffs. I can’t stomach stories about people Letting Go not being able to survive in this Mean & Vicious world and I just can’t get it Out Of My Head frankly because it Hurts Me Soul.
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Here’s the INTRO: Let me start off by gathering The Pen & the Needlez, read it your way because whatever beat you feel is The Instrumental. No you’re not listening to The Emperors Soundtrack or S.L.R (Super Lupe Rap) this aint a Hustlas Song or Theme Music To A Drive By. Just imagine you’ve tuned in to State Run Radio and now playing is the Sitting Sideways Remix. I’ll start off by stating I realize I’m not The Coolest I’m just The Cool. I know that The Show Goes On meaning life and that it’s not gone wait till I Get There. I live on the Southside of Chicago where niggas Steady Mobbin and there are Streets on Fire. Where Nice Muhammad walks down 1st and 15th like A Bathing Harry. Where he and his guy The Gorilla roll The Die on the corner and when you walk by they Tilt their heads and say What It Do. Where they put Spray Paint on the buildings and when you put all the buildings together you’ll find yourself reading about all their Trials & Tribulations. And all the grownups tell you how the Dead Presidents Resurrected come and say it Just Might Be Ok. But in truth they have to be Real cuz Real Recognize Real and they realize they’ve fallen victim to Jedi Mind Tricks and that they were just Daydreaming. And it’s sad when a mama tells her kids I Don’t Want To Care Right Now or to know a father can’t handle the Pressure of not knowing how to eliminate the Heat Under The Baby Seat so he goes and gets a Little Weapon at an attempt to end his Ghetto Story.
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great song, love that you rap about real meaningful stuff, soooo psyched for lasers (:
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Great track - really creative. Anyway, video concept: Start out in the present, do a big, quick rewind to the past, following America(ns) until the slave ships go to Africa. We show a timeline, and once we get to Africa, a new timeline splits off and we start following it. Now, as we are in Africa, (white) Americans arrive and both races begin to establish a civilization together, only, this time, whites are obviously the minority. There's no racism, slavery, Civil War, etc. We follow the song's events as Lupe writes them, this time, instead of it being in the United States of America, we are seeing the United States of Africa. Society prospers, and people are kind and friendly. It's just the basic idea; I hope it adequately creates the image I intend. So, if you like it, email me. Thank You, Sam (samuel555)
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First and foremost...LUPE Whattup Doe!!! Chi-Town!!! Okay, here is my concept for the "All Black Everything" video. A brief description but it’s dope so check it out. Setting: Chicago, Illinois. 2011. Present time. Intro: A fan (a young teen) just coped the Lasers album from the record store. He wants to listen to it immediately so he plays it in his CD player. He gets on the bus (Public Transportation) and listens to the "All Black Everything" song. Falls asleep. Then dreams about what Lupe is talking about. Lupe is the bus driver. Video: Lupe is rapping to the young teen. Lupe is "time traveling" and takes the teen through each scenario he raps about. The teen can visually see it by looking out the window. In these scenarios Lupe plays the characters he is rapping about. For example, he plays Martin Luther King reading Malcolm's eulogy. Also, there are people on the bus but they are just sitting minding their own business. End: The kid gets off of the bus. As he walks down the street he walks past Lupe. (Lupe is everywhere, so watch out yo!!!) As he walks home he see the stuff that’s going on and starts to think about what he saw on the bus. Brief, but just the basic concept. Yo Lu get @ me!!! Got beats too Lupe!!! For the low low!!! Peace & Much Luv, Robert aka “Blaze”
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LUPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new music Lupe. Thanks fam I have been waitin since THE COOL. . PLEASE PLEASE DO remix to ALL BLACK EVERYTHING with Jay Z and Kanye and sample HOVs voice where he says "all black everything" on run this town.. Ya mean? you can lace it nicely on the beat. Im tellin you it will be fire. Trust!!!
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Not sure if Lupe and Jay share the same beliefs or not? I hope to God Lupe never gets under Jay z's 'umbrella'. I used to believe jay was the he's nothing but a dude who sold his soul to the devil just like kanye, bob dylan, the beatles, the rolling stones, etc. The f'ed up part is they all flat out say it and admit it! I mean why the f*ck did he EVER name his record company 'Rockefeller' records? It's time for people to wake up! And I'm convinced they really did as opposed to them just playing along to make money off it. Naw, look around at all the devil sh*t they push. The latest is Lady Gaga! And I haven't looked into it yet but i heard justin bieber was shot dead on tv? hmmmm symbolism? Like snoop and all the others who made music videos of them dieing? Sometimes I kind of want to just go back to sleep...but the GOOD in me will not allow it.
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Whoa. I was definitely thinking about this while reading my African American history textbook. Your imagination definitely trumped mine there Lupe.
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lupe is the best rapper alive...LASEEEERRRRRSSSS...IM BEAMING YEAH
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History in the Making!
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good song! Conspiracy Theory: Guess Lupe is a Jay Z fan. check the beginning of the song "Run This Town" Real Story: Jay Z is promoting Lupe! or the other way around? Anyways, great song,
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THE BEST SONG SO FAR ON THE ALBUM!! amazing song but why does it say the song is explicit and that there's an amended version? on itunes it does not say explicit and i've been listening to it all day and I haven't heard it cuss in the song. If anyone can prove me wrong then tell me the words he say that are "explicit" but so far idk what it's talkin 'bout when it says it's explicit.
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This doesn't make up for you not greeting the fans in Miami....but its a good start. lol. I love it. Its concept it still deep, even though its not the normal Lupe-Fiasco super complex flow that I'm used to and that's totally okay.....for The Track is Bananas!! Good job.

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