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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2011

    Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!

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on February 16, 2011

Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!


MichaelThePoet's picture

Happy Belated Birthday Lupe!!!!!!!!!!
can2's picture

i bet ull nice ass birth day friendo. keep ya head high an yo mic higher. peace
owolabeast's picture

Happy Belated Birthday! funny how you and my bro's birthday are a day apart and you also look alike lol i just thought it was funny
twalla128's picture

Parrot-Toed Lupe!!!! I luv ya, luv ya, luv ya! I have to, everyday, listen to I'm Beamin and The Show Goes On
Ryan_2's picture

Happy Birthday Lu. Youve changed the game for good man and i am so glad somone like you is making my favorite music. I dont every buy albums i always rip them. I Bought all three of yours. FnFup All day.
BrennanG's picture

Happy Late Birthday....Haha sorry I couldn't get on the computer :( ! Just letting you know the south, even though gucci mane and a bunch of other terrible rappers are from here, we love and listen to your amazing inspiring stuff down here in mississippi!
detroid's picture

happy bday man!
LASERJP16's picture

Happy Borthday Lupe
Greekbadger3_2's picture

Happy belated Wasalu!! LASERS!!
LilRobRager's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe Ur da greatest and my role model the midwest is behind you never forget that........
N2DEEPLY's picture

Happy birthday Lupe, let's go LASERS!
TheeMusic's picture

Happy Belated Birthday Lupe. You're the greatest, FLAT OUT.
Starr Robhino's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe. Please do not stop making albums. The message in your music needs to be spread. You are soooo brilliant in your music. Much Love. Hopefully, I catch you in concert one day.
ovaflo18's picture

happy birthday Lupe!!!
juno07's picture

28 years of greatness and much more to come [=
RellZ's picture

HAPPY B-DAY my dude hopes it was a bless one with more to come. enjoy it!
Rach's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!! God bless and hope you enjoyed your day....can't wait for LASERS
Jayrin's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! Hope it was a good one! :) P.S. Please come to Manila!
Sporadic Movement's picture

Lupe, your song "the show must go on" just got to me man; its my favorite song of the year. The lyrics are amazing. Never change the way you create! Happy Birthday!
bthilton's picture

Happy birthday Lupe, don't ever quit.
Renne's picture

Lupe, words cannot describe how amazing you are or how grateful your fans are to experience your music. Thank you for always being true to yourself...have an incredible deserve it!
Jack809's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!!!! in my book you are the best that anyone is gonna here cause cool doesn't die it keeps on living in people who hear your songs keep on being the coolest nikka WHAT!!! :) Peace have a good one.....
jport051's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! Wish you the best! Thanks for being a great, unique, real artist, and for sticking to what you believe in and not changing for the record companies and for the money. Can't wait until your album drops and you start dropping the tour dates. Hope to see you when you come home to Chicago. It be amazing if your one of the artist who would perform this year on lollapalooza in August. What a great way to go to my first lollapalooza concert to support the one of the best artist and native.

Happy B-DAY Lupe....Thanks for being Unique and true to yourself....wishing you many more and hopefully you will be coming back home to the Chi soon......Luv 1!
HellODarknesS's picture

Happy Birthday to Lupe! Words cannot explain the effect that your music has had on me. If you can ever find a way to come to Canada (Ontario hopefully) I can guarantee amazing support from your dedicated fans. Your music is prophetic and philosophical and a breath of fresh air in what can be a stale music industry today. Keep on speaking the truth!
HeroSoundz's picture

when is the next time lupe comes to philadelphia? i can't sit here and lie and say that im lupe's biggest fan and that i've heard all of his songs, but i can say that he is a great artist that's overlooked.. i am just another artist/producer thats unknown but has the dream already planned out. I like the fact that lupe is making songz that helps me see how to take my art up to the next level (more like a different prospective) and thats the reason why i subscribed to his site. And to everyone follow @Hero2Dey.
TooCool32's picture

Happy birthday Lu..... hope I get to see you when you come to Japan....
Njeri's picture

Happy Birthday, Lupe!!! I'm gonna meet you one day, okay?!?
MQ_SouthAfrica's picture

Happy early birthday Dope Lu....we dig ur style in South Africa man...hope one day you will come over...holla dog
Ant1990's picture

Happy Birthday Lu!


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