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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2011

    Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!

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on February 16, 2011

Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!


jce2589's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe. can't wait for LASERS!!!! to come out. "Dumb it down" is one of my favorite lyrically-based tracks of all time. keep on showing these rappies how it's done man.
Jaimee-Ian's picture

Happy Birthday from the Lasers!
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bustacap's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you are the best
Gomdeeno's picture

my day would have been incomplete without wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. enjoy your day. May Allah SWT bless you in all your endavours and guide you through every step you take towards making your life better and contributing your quota to the world and may He protect you through out your life. nevertheless stay bless young best
LaserDat's picture

HAPPY Laser Day! #laserlove
MLG ChicagoxSwagg's picture

Happy b-day Lu, I promise u imma shoot a bootlegger if i see LASERS on the streets even 10 seconds b4 its released.
Malik_2's picture

Happy birthday Lupe!
NickJ's picture

Happy Birthday Lu! As you know, we the fans love you. I'm a proud soldier in the FNF Army and it's good to know there's fans out there just as loyal to your music as I am. Can't wait for the "people's album" to drop better known as Lasers. I'ma be so excited on the 8th that I might buy both the regular version & deluxe version lol. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will finally start getting the respect you deserve once you take over the Grammys next year! And every year after that...haha...FNF up all day!!!!!
MFHaruddin's picture

HapyBdayLupe!!February is the month for champs(mine is Feb 9). Plan to be like you when i grow up. You make us Muslims proud!!
TheBossMan194's picture

Happy Birthday Mr. Wassalu!!!! You are a creative genius and have imspired me in many ways over the years. you make it okay to be smart and cool.
MikeDawg's picture

Happy birthday Lu! Thank you so much for all that you do. You opened my mind and showed me things I never would have learned, and I could never thank you enough for that. Keep doing what you do. Thank you so much. Peace and much love
Hana's picture

Happy birthday Lupe! You're an amazing artist and person :D. You've inspired me to completely embrace my nerdy, final fantasy and Japanese cartoon-loving ways and to not be afraid to show it. Thank you for your music and your genius!
oadevour's picture

Hey Mr. Wasalu. happy birthday, and may Allah SWT give you many more, Ameen
fresh94's picture

LOVE.ALWAYS.SHINES.EVERYTIME.REMEMBER2.SMILE. happy birthday Wasalu. i had to take the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday hoping it would make your day as you made mine last year at a concert at odu when you handed my friend and i the mic to rap kick push with you. i wish you many more birthdays and i love the music you make
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V OC's picture

Happy bday bro, hope success is surpassed what you expected with the album this year...much deserved peace
MeonPooj's picture

Happy birthday lupe! love you and keep up the great work man! I'll back you up 100% (I was the first person to write a review for LASERS on iTunes, I'm super proud of myself)
LadyLaser's picture

Happy Birthday to my #1 love!
Ibrahim's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!! Can't wait for Lasers! Peace and much love
wasaluisboss's picture

Happy birthday LU Love your music You had me at "hello Goodbye" Pre ordered that lasers today, love your music so much, Imma shoot a bootlegger
Malenthar's picture

happy birthday lu, hope its an awesome one
CeeLuPe's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! Many wishes to you and the success of LASERS which I'll be purchasing in 20 days! Have a great one!
evman50's picture

Happy Birthday! Lasers!
Much love's picture

peace and muchhh love man
abboss's picture

Happpy Birthdayy Lupe ! Your music is truly amazing really has inspired me, especially your muhammed talks track May allah help you to even further success :DD !
dman14's picture

Lupe!!! Happy birthday man! I hope it's an awesome one. I aspire to be an inspiration to others just as your music has been so inspiring to me and so many others. Keep staying true man. You're one of the few people out there real enough to do it. FnF up!
m00se's picture

Happy Birthday LUPE!!! I know everyone is counting down until March 8th but I cant wait til March 7th at Webster Hall. Peace, and much love to you
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