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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2011

    Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!

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Busy's picture
on February 16, 2011

Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!


Larissa's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY --- on this day a star was born .... or in our terms "a laser" :) Love you soooooo much.
HollyWood_2's picture

HAppy BOrn Lu! .... Ball Out To U Fall Out .... FNF UP!!
theeshellyyang's picture

happy birthday lupe!!! can't wait for lasers!!
ColtonM's picture

The best rapper alive turns 29!

As Salaam Alaikum! Happy Birth Anniversary, May Allah Continue to Bless you with the gift of affecting Lives through your gifts that he has blessed you with!!!
Rellski's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! From Kentucky.. RELLSKI!
Evel Kanyevel's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUPE!! Keep doing your thing, you are the truth! #LASERS
JYeates's picture

Happy birthday Lu, your music has touched so many. FnF up.
kwegner07's picture

Happy Birthday Lu'!!!! Get ready for your biggest year ever.
cfresh27's picture

happy birthday my dude. Excited for your new album. cant wait to buy like 90 copies. We are Lasers!!
rccanes44's picture

Happy Birthday Sir
damnSAAAM's picture

Happy birthday lupe! im a HUGE FAN! you my all time favorite artist and i look up to you and admire everything you do and stand up for... the bravest and most outstanding person ever given to the rap game! much love and respect lu! enjoy your day. L.A.S.E.R.S!!!!
mickeymoose33's picture

happy birthday mang
Summiyah's picture

Happy Birthday!!!!! May Allah swt bless you with many more!
Lasersss's picture

Happy Birthday my dude
Selena1289's picture

Happy birthday to THE most talented hip hop artist. Ever.
JLSeagull's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe, have a good un'
angeldustbunny's picture

Happy birthday, Lupe! Thanks for bringing amazing tracks and more to the whole world! Keep up the damn fine work!
Kimm's picture

Happy birthday lupe ! Can't wait too get your album ! :)
Unbreakable's picture

happy bday Lupe, your music is the reason i stay positive all the time
AdF_MV's picture

Wattup lu. Happy bday dawg. your music is so inspirational. cant wait for lasers. already got the itunes deluxe preorder
zoeycudicoles's picture

Happy birthday to the greatest artist of this generation!
LupeFiastroBoy333's picture

spydes's picture

Thanks for being the artist I can rely on to actually let me think about what I'm listening to. Happy birthday.
spokennthoughts's picture

happy bday lu
tiphani_destini's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! Your music has inspired me so much. Have a great one!
TuesdaysGrace's picture

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy it and Live Life to the Fullest!!!
Greenbow's picture

Happy Birthday! Come to this year's Sun God! San Diego loves you!
willy_fritz's picture

Happy Birthday Lu, many blessings to you
don786's picture

happy birthday!


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