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"Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]

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  • "Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]
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    February 01, 2011
    Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!
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on February 01, 2011
Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!


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Every time I listen to this track it makes me realize how much I love it when I hear unadulterated expression. Lupe consistently expresses himself. And whether you agree or disagree, It's stated in clear terms. I dont even need to cite examples of artists in all genres who dont do that. Plus FINALLY SOMEONE IN HIP HOP RELEASES A SONG THAT NOT ONLY ADRESSES OPINIONS ON CURRENT EVENTS BUT MAKES IT A HOT SONG!!!!!
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Nations that have never been heard.... need a piece of this information within the light of the internet, with information traveling through out the world, will only make this world become united like the USA, and when the hate gets eighten by the eater, we will then realize what LUPE FIASCO is speaking on, within this music composition of ideas, thoughts, dreams and overall FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [if we(the world) take a stand against evil deeds, we can overcome our fears and become peaceful creatures on MARS and planets beyond...........zooooom LASERS~~go get ya a copy and support the truth!!! (which is lupe fiasco, not me)
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i liked lupe's stuff from food and liquor better, the cool was also really good, but i don't like most of what i have heard from lasers (the show goes on is a nice song)
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beast song
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Lupe you are the best, I cannot wait for the LASERS. It's going to be awesome.
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Super Rally for Solidarity with Egypt This event is planned to start at 2:00 pm on Feb 6, 2011 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.
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dang the song had 35k "likes" in first 24 hours. i guess that restarted cause the new site was launched
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Great song Lupe you never disappoint.
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I always said the top 3 in the game are marshall lupe and whoever else u wanna add. This song once agian shows that hip hop still has some kinda meaning but one question the peeper is that the dijjal? thats what i got from it. Real talk tho if you ever do a song about palistine i would love to get a verse on it (i know i know fat chance) i figured i would try and i did but if you ever did do one, i would be honored to do that with you, ur style reminds me of what i was trying to accomplish when i was in the game but i left it cause the greed was to much for me. Inshallah you keep doing what ur doing but brother get away from that jewish label and do it on ur own, lol gaza was being bombed and obama didnt say shit lol , as for u being part of the problem, bro we all are cause we all stay quiet to all the bullshit but atleast ur using ur outlet the best you can. and for those who question this guys skills ill put him up against any of your fav rappers and if you guys are honest then you will say lyrically no one is touching him fuck the beat fuck the ice fuck the bitchs im talkn pure lyrical skill other then maybe marshall no one else in the game touches this guy with word play. Lupe said he wasnt gonna dumb it down and he still hasent a by the way if you ever read this lupe was superstar about judgment day or did i just miss the whole message but thats what i got from it salamualakim moe ps stay on ur deen and make ur salahs
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Thank you Lupe. I know a lot of people out there are saying that this song has is just a political rant. Thats just cause they arn't seeing what they need to see. They are blinded by the influences around them unable to realise what kind of genius you have created. You have said the words that many people around the world are perhaps even afraid to say. To me this song shows what your real perspective is on these issues that affect us day to day. I'm really glad you made this song, it'll bring light to some of the issues that occur in the world that no one talks about because they don't know it, it'll spark discussion, something people need to be able to in order to make their own decisions. Even since Food & Liquor came out I've been hooked onto your music and I have to say that you are most definitely one of the best out there. Thank you for not only rapping about drugs, women, and money. I am so glad that you have created music that talks about the real issues in life, the stuff people need to know about. I can't wait for Lasers! Keep up the good work and show the world your genius!
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this song goes in tooo LUPE FNF STAND UP!!
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cant wai for Lasers to come out. i already preorderd!! Lupe is the best!! follow me @Mikegtown2
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LUPE make a song to Support the Egyptian Revolution! The people would love it! Lovin' The track keep it up!
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Lupe yuh make REAL MUSIC...nuff said!
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Just THANK YOU, enough said. The FNF Dynasty continues... Chapter LASERS lets get it, if you buy it, its symbolic because you own it, you steal it doesn't have the same meaning because its not yours its Lupe's. Keep that in mind the next time you go shark'n on torrents.... -DRE
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I LOOVVEE this song! It gooooooo!!!
Kiki's picture the piece. It's a very controversial piece. I have thought your music was unique and different from the rest when I first heard you. Keep doing your music, we love it. To THINKABOUTIT: Check out this piece on 9/11 on youtube....It's called Loose Changed. It'll make you think differently about our government and second guess their motives. It did for me. Take it or leave it as you will.
ThinkAboutIt's picture have been my favorite artist since i was in 8th grade. Ive always enjoyed the messages of individuality in your music. And the social issues that you dared to bring to the table made for amazing content. But now you have brought world politics and conspiricy into your music..obviously the government is corupt and weilds enormous control. And of coarse you are fully entitled to your opinions. And i am also aware that you intened this song to be controversial. But you have a couple of lines in the song that discust me. For instance, implying that 9/11 was an inside job is one hell of an accusation.. i think that your music should make people question government not accuse it of all of our problems. but you are playing the oppisite of the media. Instead of feeding us lies, you are feeding us "truths". But are these "truths" only the truth because they are the oppisite of lies?? But you cant possibly be telling us THE truth. You may be telling us YOUR truth, and thats all well and good. But THE truth is hidden behind a conglomerate of ignorance, bias and opinion....and we will never find it. so do you really trust the people? I dont. how can i trust the people whom have had the opinions swayed by: their government, their parents, their friends, their professors, the mainstream media, social networking, and even their favorite artists...? Opinions are only based on opinions and truth has become so twisted that we no longer know which way is up. So no, government IS NOT the key. AND no the people are NOT the key. The truth IS the key. but where is it?? I dont know either. im still a huge fan...and i cant wait for lasers, but some of the verses in this song have left a sour taste in my mouth. I am all for you expressing your beliefs but i also hope you realize that you reach a lot of the youth and are a tremendous influence on them. And many people will take your song for what its worth and take on your opinions verbatim without concidering any other possibility.
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It is so refreshing to hear that someone is not afraid. This motivates me to do more with my life
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I just get online to listen to this...can't wait for feb 8 to download this
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I made an account just to say...... Lupe you're the best rapper alive! I just cant listen to anything else anymore. I have to say before 6months ago I never heard a single one of your songs. A friend of mine told me to go out and get your albums about 6 months ago and said that he found someone bad ass that we havn't heard yet. I found out it was Lupe Fiasco. I turned that shit on and havn't stopped listening to that plus your mix tape shit since. I can hardly wait for the release of LASERS
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good song! love the overall message! there are a few lyrics i dont know if i completly agree with but i like the song overall!
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Now that is something you don't hear everyday. I can't wait to get the album!
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I'm praying for you, Lupe. You are giving hope to so many of us. Please please please stay strong. Your music is giving a lot of us a lifeline of hope. Please never forget that.
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this is one dope record! keep it up can't wait for lasers any longer....
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keep it comin lupe, great shit
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