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"Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]

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  • "Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]
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    February 01, 2011
    Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!
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on February 01, 2011
Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!


LadyLaser's picture

There are absolutely NO words to describe the amazingness of this song!!! Can't wait for LASERS! The day that album drops = the day my life is complete. Haha
@McF3Z's picture

Dope ishhhhhhh
DjzzerO's picture

This is soo amazing. Thanks Lupe Fiasco for keeping it real and not selling out compare to the other mainstream artist. Keep it up! Im buying the album for sure!!/pages/Dj-ZZeRo/140806915711 Keep it real!
NaTiyanaMinaye''s picture

This is ssooo good. I love Skylar's voice on here.
ucanttakeme23's picture

Lupe i heard this songz like 30 times already this song is more than just music its reality. the words of your lyrics r mind blowing all these words have been uncovered however the truth would never be said. i enjoyed your music for years nevertheless this song just over tops any of your songz; i thought food n liquid would never be reborn and i hope this album has a message of truth, love, and hope. can't wait until the cd comes out. the last cd i bought was nas hip hop is dead and i cant wait until it hits the shelves. i hope i can met u in person.
hope42day's picture

I have nothing but love and respect for Lupe! It is so good to continuely hear him talk about messages that is more than swag and what i have and you do not. I want something to challenge my mind, one that I can feel and push me to be better than what I we settle for. Thank you for blessing others with your talent, it's much apprecitated!!
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hilz107's picture

Much love to Lupe. Don't agree with jabbing Obama government may suck and he doesn't agree with it but I believe Obama and the democrats have the disadvantage in mind. International issues are tricky because Obama inherited wars at no fault of his own he can't get involved in more right now. I believe supporting people in need internationally and at home but there's got to be a little self accountability somewhere violence can happen only with the actions of man.
l.u.p.e's picture

1. Lupe Fiasco 2. Tupac Shakur one else.
G-rated2005's picture

Listen to Lupe!! Lupe speaks on holding Obama accountable, 9/11 truth, the brainwashing media, and Coke. Who else you know aside from Immortal Technique is speaking on this? Check out Loose Change on YouTube,,, and Lasers March 8th
Chillax's picture

YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Can't wait for March 8th! FNF^
Ethakin's picture

Lupe. You are incredible. I cannot wait for Lasers.
dragan nikolic's picture

lupe, THANK YOU!!!!!! that's all..
zeitgeist_2's picture

if u support what lupe raps about - watch this !
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Jay Alan's picture

The world is a dark place and is becoming darker with each generation. Society's traditions and rules are the reason why people are afraid to speak up, why they pretend to be blind to what's going on around them. It's not that anything is hidden, it's that people are afraid. But you have to be stronger than fear, and loud enough to break through the darkness and shed some light on what's really going on. With enought heart you become a voice for the people, and eventually the that voice becomes the people, and when everyone begins to speak up, the fear and what's dictated to you becomes overpowered. Lupe has the heart and the voice to say it as it is for what it is. He may not get the radio play, who cares. But the people are still gonna hear what needs to be heard, and that's all that matters
Che''s picture

Lupe drops truth bombs!!! Love it
MItch_2's picture

It's so refreshing to hear honest, intelligent music like this. Lupe clearly has his eyes open and his head in the right place. I love this song, Lupe should come to Alberta on his next tour.
Farheen's picture

Epic. MashAllah good job, keep spreading the truth through your music. Looking forward to the album! Just an FYI: Whoever posted this on your website spelt *WORLD wrong in "Word Premiere" ...They were obviously way too excited to notice :D haha, but you might want to fix that ASAP!
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freshpaki429's picture

The savior of hip hop and the mind of the individual: Lupe Fiasco. Cant wait for Lasers to drop
islandgyrl177's picture

This song reminds you how f-ed up the world is. It's an amazing song, it needs to come out on I-tunes asap. Can't wait for the rest of the album!!!
Redoute's picture

Fully supporting L.A.S.E.R.S. and Lupe. Pre-ordered the album in the UK. $17 well spent. Next.. March 8th :D
Kidaman Adrian's picture

some deep shit lupe the killer best rapper alive
theSophisticat's picture

once again you've rendered me speechless! when is this single being released on itunes?!
KJH31's picture

Best song of the year by a long shot
ZinSter's picture

"I think that all the silence is worst than all the violence" nuff said.
lovesosa36's picture

The realest shit I've ever heard. We really do need to rise up and protest all the bullshit that's going on, but everyone is too busy BELIEVING IT.
artist@work's picture

this song is beautifully spoken. he's the news anchor for our generation. L.A.S.E.R.S. Keep coming out with powerful music Lupe. You got ya army behind you!!! FNF UP!!!
ExposingTheWicked's picture

thank ya lupe


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