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"Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]

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  • "Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]
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    February 01, 2011
    Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!
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on February 01, 2011
Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!


Ssolomon's picture

I bought "the show goes on" without even hearing it... I will buy anything you record. AMAZING
SaenzRC's picture

Man I can't Emphasize how great this song is. Not sure how much radio play it will get but its one of the best joints I've heard in a long time. Thank you for putting the hip hop back into hip-hop. The power behind these lyrics are so damn real. PERFECTION in every form. Semper FI Lupe
ET_615's picture

Lupe you changed my life with your music. I'm dead as serious when I say that. FNF. 3/08/11
don786's picture

soulres's picture

NMORALZ's picture

Lupe...THANK YOU!!
Saintluci's picture

Who eva reading this comment lets make LUPE go 10x Platinum
HoBs's picture

jesstterr the fiasco fanatic's picture

omg.. i can't even think of anything insightful to say. lupe did it again..
LLNk's picture

Powerful message, more powerful than you've ever done, this is beyond just music, this is INSPIRATIONAL. Thank you.
inVINCEible's picture

ear orgasm
Yaicks.'s picture

Nice one!!
DJVendetta's picture

Keyan I AGREE 100% it would be such a dope collab
Keyan K.'s picture

Lupe sould do a collab with Flobots they sorta have the same activist vibe as Lupe and the two of them together would be like cocolate cake with another slice of chocolate cake on top, but for your ears.
VEGA's picture

thank you, Lupe. you are truly a motivation to me. i love the intrinsic amalgamation of your music, and i will forever reflect what your essence projects. anxiously awaiting the release. good luck son.
nuskey90's picture

Lupe is on some other shit, the best in the game hands down, he raps with so much substance it's not even funny. Can't be messed with by anyone in the game. Lupe is really inspirational.
DJVendetta's picture

You know I make music now and I touch on a lot of these things and I'm not some kid who is a wanna be rapper I think I'm nice enough to make it with anyone, but this guy summed up my entire agenda in 3 mother fucking verses. Lupe you are a hip hop genius and I admire everything you touch on I can not wait till your album hits the stores so I can cop it first thing when I awake that day. I hope someday I can see you live! LISTEN AND LEARN PEOPLE spread this shit cause people need to recognize realness in music.
M.shelz's picture

Dumb asses this exactly what he saying... excuse my Lango but Seriously saying some thing nobody has the balls to say let alone the intelligence , These mofos is building our lives on lies who gives a shit who downloads what. THe shit is about TRUTH and standing up for being honest even if your standing alone. however WE are not alone, WE are not LOSERS...MUhfucka's WE ARE LASERS..A lot of us have highly anticipated this album for some years and THats all us REAL fans care about is The TRUTH. WE are 1 & we are Sick & Tired of Being lead to believe we are lesser than Humans like we all are. If I go At least I go out like a warrior "know the weapons of the weak , and weakness of the hard". GOD knows our hearts. That should be the only one we fear and god knows best who are the real LOSERS. Peace & LOVE!!!!!
symbolic's picture proud to be one, this song is intelligent, deep and meaningful
AAZ120's picture

Love Lupe to death. He constantly proves that he is the most thought provoking, genuine, and from the heart rapper out there. I was worried after "The show goes on", and that he lost his drive to produce humble music but this new song is what makes the rap game progress. Although I believe lupe can be a little extremist at times, he speaks what he believes. More importantly he speaks of important problems and conflicts of world crisis', drug abuse, and the evils of this world. I respect him for his courage to speak his truth. I will keep on lovin him for his approach at world order and hopefully people will realize that we need to keep on praying.
TheJeaniusChrist's picture

@DPERRY40 You just hit me with a whole lot of irrelevant things. I have yet to see ANY download link from any real blog with respect to Lu and his music. I'm not sure what a letter is gonna do in any regard. And lastly, and I want you to understand this very clearly. You don't know me. So don't insinuate anything about me. There's zero to front about, Bro.
Dperry40's picture

@THEJEANIUSCHRIST I mean Bro. I copied the Damn link from a blog. This joint has been all over every blog since 12 am sharp. I was just sicing the people who thought it was impossible to download. If 2 million people click my link I will write an apology letter to lupe himself. You know you gon download it though anyway so why frront?
TheJeaniusChrist's picture

@DPERRY40 Way to keep it respectful G, that's always a good look.
ksylk23's picture

its dope
Dperry40's picture

@THEJEANIUSCHRIST U sound like a hoe. So blow me.
p-rock's picture

I never buy music. But I will buy at least one copy of this, perhaps more, just to show my support for the best rapper alive. (slightly nudging Slug)
SSJP1981's picture

worth the wait
M.shelz's picture

Ohh My...I couldn't have asked for anything better. This is pandemic. Yiiiikkeessss. WE FRIGGIN' LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
ThaAceman's picture

@ DPERRY40 you may be honest but if your a fan why would you do this to an artist you like makes no sense.
TheJeaniusChrist's picture

@DPERRY40 I mean you can say that now, but when the song gets downloaded 2 million times illegally and doesn't even go Gold on the charts, then it's obviously not about who's like you anymore.


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