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"Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]

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  • "Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]
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    February 01, 2011
    Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!
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on February 01, 2011
Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!


Punk's picture

This song is too true. Google Bilderberg.

i thought show still goes on was good but after i heard this.... wohooo
Steveplusmtdew's picture

You know it's an insane song if after a dozen plays, I still want more! FNF UP!

i thought show still goes on was good but after i heard this.... wohooooooooooooo
Akeemius's picture

Prompt as hell!! The February 1st release was not a joke. As always....... hot shit..... Felt good listening to sum words of truth.
Jafri998's picture

DOPE TRACK!! but I need to have this on my ipod by tomorrow or else ill be waitin all day to listen to it :(
Cmillskillz's picture

on youtube now just download from there

Raps for a reason, a cause, his words mean something..... Lupe keep up the good word. Hopefully one day your music spreads as much as these bad mainstream rappers!!!!! Ameen
Punk's picture

BrettCrumbley's picture

thank you bestbballpoint5! ima definitely be buying it when it hits itunes but i had to have it now!
bestbballpoint5's picture

shizdaonly1's picture

we need this song to be heard this to your facebook and twitter and let everyone know
chesirecat's picture

@REPTHEREAL If this blows up online, then who knows.
TayLoBo's picture

dnag lupe don did it again
ohleeroy's picture

THIS.IS.LUPE! Thank you!

Best Rapper. Keep it up Lupe!!! Mashallah...
LasersLuke's picture

My favorite song of all time
Dgomez432's picture

Hook gave me chills, Lyrics made me near tears Lupe You are the TRUTH!!! WE ARE NOT LOSERS WE ARE LASERS!!!
imalawya's picture

This is def a song that can be truly appreciated only with time!!
LupeFanInTdot's picture

Lets Go Lupe! This track goes hard as fuck, while talking about shit that matters.
Mraznchris's picture

This.. Speechless.
mlasers's picture

that the song man cant tell u much m in love with song as show goes on
Ardell's picture

whoever doesn't believe after this is...hopeless
Unbreakable's picture

truly amazing
S3BASTIEN's picture

this is EPIC!
PaleFaceBrother's picture

"i really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit just another excuse to use up all your bullets, how much money does it take to really make a full clip? 9/11 building 7 did you really have to pull it?n a bunch of other cover ups,n your childs future is the first to go wit budget cuts, think that really hurts but here comes the uppercut, the school was garbage in the first place n thas on the up n up, everytime i look around i see a bunch of whatthefucks, blabbering about so n so talking bout such n such, n that aint jersey shore homie thats the news, these people thats supposed to be tellin us the truth?, limbaugh's a rascist glenn beck is a racist, gaza strip was gettin bombed obama didnt say shit, thats what i aint vote for next one either, im apart of the problem my problem is im peaceful n i belive in the people." thank you for speaking the truth and informing the people about all the corrupt tactics the government are using.
RepresentingTheReal's picture

CHESIRECAT I hope this isn't just a cult classic, everyone needs to hear this. I've never felt so inspired in my life
10ccardoza's picture

wow that was incredible. keep doin what you do man, you truly are an inspiration. The world needs more people who voice such thoughtful opinions such as your own. Thank you Sincerely, 10ccardoza
Buffaloeyes's picture

You should make a track with Lowkey. You could start a revolution together.
MissLuna's picture

Beautiful Collaboration.


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