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"Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]

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  • "Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]
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    February 01, 2011
    Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!
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on February 01, 2011
Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!


CThespian's picture

i cannot not believe im hearing this, beautiful...
chesirecat's picture

Finally, we all knew you had it in you. This is gonna be a cult classic. FNF UP!
Jay.Chyllen's picture

Tonglil's picture

I'mma rape the replay button on this one!
Reem413's picture

CAN NOT WAIT TILL 3-8-11 ... Going to be an historic moment!!!!
Jbone24's picture

ThePhaze's picture

i cant believe it...amazing... but i need this song on my ipod
Amo612's picture

You're a leader, if you don't speak up how can anyone else have the courage to do the same. I am proud to be your fan, LASER4LIFE.
bulo's picture

whereeee is the download link????
yonasty23's picture

Wordplay's picture

im crying. so happy its out
Cmillskillz's picture

anyone have a link for a download i have been searching?!?!?!
Taz_2's picture

dude, i heard you spit this at the symposium at Drexel a few months. It's even more beautiful than when i first heard it
Lasers2010_2's picture

whens this gonna be on itunes!? my computer's audio is shady so i gotta put this on my ipod to hear it!!! :(
wusup602's picture

he didnt take obamas side dumb ass
AlanO786's picture

I admire him for coming for Obama, especially since he knows most of his fan base is probably Obama crazed. I support Obama too. But I feel like it took a lot of courage to do that.
nickghi's picture

this is the real reason they kept his album, he speaks raw truth!
stevig31's picture

lupe is a genius. counting down the days march 8th
SolidLiquidLaser's picture

dellapotamus's picture

honestly speechless. well done lu. well done.
majic2126's picture

this shit....FUCKIN GOES!!!!!
Jaz_a_belle's picture

Midnite's picture

This was truly amazing
Mahdi_3's picture

this nigga is what politics, religion, rap, and life should be. lupe is the illest
K-Flow's picture

I needed this song right now...the vibe of this song help me let some anger out
rhyjion's picture

Im on my third listen, gone do yo shit LUPE!
jakobtheliar's picture

This is wicked. Can't wait for the new album
bee's picture

weare DEFIANTLY lasers
jayy2900's picture

can't wait for the album to coming out..some true music
truelyricist93's picture

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! speechless


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