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Pepsi Ad for the Packers-Bears Game [Video]

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on January 21, 2011

The clip above will air during the games' final two-minute warning.


Gl1tch's picture

Bears suck!

Amazng!!! Best Lyrical Rapper... Whos Lil wayne? a Mainstream fagg... Lupe is 1000X betterr........
Quantum's picture

Just Awesome
We are not losers's picture

Too bad Chi Town lost...
6rian74's picture

i liked it
Yanz's picture

Altho im from a BEARS FAN and LUPE FAN from ever since.......woot woot...GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!! =D....THIS beat iz soooooooooooo DOPE!!!!!!..this is SICKKK!!!!!!!! well SHOT mayne!!!!! (Y) (Y)....
runninman1908's picture

This would be the best if it were just Lupe. I feel like Javas ruins Lupes flow. Best Chicago rap is Kanye/Common for the 06-07 super bowl.
bforeverdreamin's picture

im not even gonna lie. that was so sick but i still love green bay. go pack
VZ3's picture

@DBTRUNKS that's Nick Javas check him out he does a weekly rap recap of every nfl sunday during the year it's pretty dope
We are not losers's picture

better quality
We are not losers's picture

@DBTRUNKS I think that's Nick Javas
Wali_2011's picture

ANything Lupe is gonna end up dope!
xkyledubx's picture

Dang man... You for Chicago, B.o.B for Atlanta... Wiz Khalifa going to do another song for my team the Steelers?
Nosaintiger's picture

not usually a bears fan.....but i am now
DBTrunks's picture

who's the guy rhyming with Lu? Don't think I know him, but he has a sick flow
Abraham_2's picture

Now I want the Bears to win lol
xfactor's picture

This is SOO SICK!!! BEAR DOWN!!!!!!
spicygarlic28's picture

lovesosa36's picture

That was the most awesome song about football I've ever heard.
STLsFreshPrince's picture

Damn. Leave it to Lupe to make a guy who hates every Chi Town sports team to want to root for the Bears. lol. Lupe killed it and this was about a sports game. Best artist in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. FnF UP!
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