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WORLD PREMIERE: "The Show Goes On" [Music Video]

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  • WORLD PREMIERE: "The Show Goes On" [Music Video]
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    December 25, 2010

    Don't forget to pick up Lu's new album "Lasers" in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!

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on December 25, 2010

Don't forget to pick up Lu's new album "Lasers" in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!


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and your 16 yo, don't let celeberty shit tell you what to do, educate yourself before it's too late. --- Just one HYPOCRIT example,. to show you what I'm talking about. Lupe was seen with a t-shirt with the face fo Karl Marx, and some weir text on it like 'only anarchist are pretty' sumfin in that dicrection Now watch this....
ExposingTheWicked's picture

it's nothing personal but i'm sick of the hypcrissy, period. ( and I said they push the perpetual childhood agenda and 'fashion opposite sex clothes' agenda) I love Wasalu, but I hate Lupe (atleast the one he's been after the death of his father) This whole image is just fake, i'm fine with that, i'm fine if he wants to sell his soul. But don't go around tellin people i'm all about 'possitiv this possivity that' ish. Cuz it's NOT, it's misleading, and I'm not saying this with no reason, I'm saying this to save Wasalu, cuz some weird ish going on. Back in the days it was all about WE SICK OF GANGSTA RAP, WE SICK OF KILLIN EACHOTHA ON RAPS.. BLA BLA BLA... that shit was obvious ignorant. But this shit is on another level DANGEROUS and even MORE IGNORANT. flirting with soulja boy waka flokaa WTF? Not speaking against it is APROVING IT . PERIOD. This whole skull and bones is just so lame, this whole anarchy shit is so teenage dream CMON WASALU is ALLMOST 30 YO, 30 YEARS MAN he need to grow up be A MAN, take care of his family. 30 YEARS MAN. he's not a teenager to live in this alter ego dream rock boy band ish.
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@exposingthewicked: the word faggot is very offensive and it is really innapropriate to be using that sort of term online. and no, i'm not some nosy parent spying on their child's online escapades, i'm 16 years old and i really do think that what you said is a form of abuse. and what an asshole, you had to post twice? i'm not gay, so don't go saying i am..not that it would be an insult of course. it would just be an incorrect statement. and Yes. you are a hater. not like against lupe and his amazing works and stuff, but you hate on things you don't understand. like gays. you dickhead.
ExposingTheWicked's picture THIS is what lupe kanye and all other gay rappers and perpetual childhood rappers have been pushing since 2001 fashion fag rappers, who care more about thei're FRESH CLOTHES (cough cough( than anything worthless piece of shit, wearing clothes of the opposite sex is cool nowadays snake skin leather shine is dope nowadays -.- and people still dare to say I hate
ExposingTheWicked's picture

WTF , lupe dissed his father this goes beyond insane! 1:16 left hand devil horns with skull and bones gloves. ( that's how your dad raised you|???? no that's how you raised youself up lupe turned boyband yey! snake skin shiney jacket /5k check skull bones glove lefthand /100$ check stud belt shiney / 2k check gothick shoes / 4k check idol worship teens front row / check
B_L_A_S_T's picture

Good stuff Lupe! Keep it comin...
CGE's picture

Great video Lupe. Nice song too, just hoping that the entire album isnt as pop influenced as the lead single. But none the less you kiled it as usual.
elvis00's picture

Another reason to be a Lupe fan. GJ.
COOLC's picture

Great Job. Cool vid. I see your also facinated with incorpating skull and bones in your wardrobe my friend, japan inflanced im sure.
nibs's picture

Great vid. looking fresher than ever. Please KEEP SPEAKING THE TRUTH! Although I hope Lasers is a little less "pop"ish then this. Ps. If anyone knows where lupe got his scarf from plz let me know!
luckettdorsey's picture

You did it again bruh!!....The show goes on.
Lane118's picture

Love you Lupe. Perfect video. I'll be there in Auckland from Cali to see you. I. can't. wait.
lb's picture

Best thing out there right now.
NeXplicableP's picture

What a wonderfully inspirational song and vid! Love it! Big song, Lupe! NeXplicable P Owner/Radio Host, NeX Radio
crimeny's picture

As much as you are my inspiration and as much as I hate to say it, this feels very, very Kanye. =\
iman21's picture

That was amazing! The song is so inspiring and deep and the video goes well with it! Can't wait for Lasers!
Juba's picture

I love it man!!! Can't wait till March 8th!!!
Igor's picture

Awesome! Lupe, please come to Poland!
kid fiasco's picture

brill vid!! need 2 come 2 the uk(glasgow) !! also where u get that dope jacket!!/ lol march 8th....LA...SERS!!!
DtheArtist's picture

Simple, but yet very effective
lebaneseluxury11's picture

LUPE. You are amazing. You are such an inspiration to everyone who actually cares about the world. Its a greatttt song and an even better christmas gift..even for those of us who celebrate Ramadan :)
AtoZeka's picture

Mashallah! See you soon, God willing. :) A to Zeka
Danny_7's picture

Niccee Lupe :P always expect the best from you
Tmac1fan's picture

Amazing video. Amazing track. It's so difficult to battle the war the Lupe has to deal with on a daily basis but he does it with dignity, intelligence, and smooth Chicago-styled swagger. He's truly one of the great ones, and it is a shame that not enough people recognize him for the remarkable artist that he is. -A Fellow Laser
spicygarlic28's picture

dope.Dope.dope.dopedopedope. Simply put, the best in the business. This song is the epitome of why I love the power of music. I've listened to this song probably one hundred times, and every time, I get chills in my arms through my entire body. Isn't that the feeling music is supposed to give the listener? Never has a song or sound had this affect on me. I'm glad I have real music to listen to, even in an age littered with material persuasion and artificial feelings that many artists portray. This just makes me even more excited for March 8. Best of luck Lupe!
music.loyalist's picture

FNF UP! I love this song so much. Like all of your music, it inspires me. Hah, I remember the first time I heard this song, I cried so hard. My family's been hit extremely hard by the recession, and I felt like I was given a new sense of hope when I heard this song. Even though I want to sometimes, I'm not giving up. There are so many things going on in this world. So many lies and secrets. So many ignorant people who don't care to hear the truth. And your music always brings me hope. It's nice to know that you're working so hard to help the public find light. Even though I don't believe you get as much recognition as you deserve, I hope you know that you have so many devoted fans that love you and your message. Your music brings hope to all willing to accept it. I think I speak for all who really listen to you (and I mean really LISTEN) when I say, I can't wait for LASERS to drop. It's going to be epic; I can feel it. Keep leading the way, Lupe! We love you and your music! - A Loyal Laser.
WillFresh131's picture

This video was great and I love the song...when i first heard it I blasted it for like 2 hours straight lol. But I need help figuring out something. I saw a picture of B.o.B in a LASERS t-shirt and i want to know how can i get one??? Or a hoodie??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DatJuize's picture

Lu, keep doing what you doing! your music is inspiring and even though it does not appeal to the masses, it represents us chosen few! Keep putting Chitown on top. Lasers will be the TRUTH!!!


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