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Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On"

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on October 26, 2010

Buy the high quality mp3 right now! Thanks for your support! FNF UP!!!


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Another hit, Lupe Fiasco. Just need a music video for this.
gogreen15's picture

Who cares whether it's mainstream or not? Lupe kills it everytime
Aeous's picture

Great uplifting track right here, if you take it for anything else you are just crazy. Stop saying that this is "mainstream", if anything this is a song to his real fans that stuck by him over the years and most importantly the things that he went through recently with Atlantic. Keep your mind on the positive, FnF UP
Question's picture

I never said Lu sold out or that he changed what he talked about... Actually, the ones that went at me said it first...
Question's picture

Ok, now I'm getting attacked on here for an opinion. 1st of all, Did I say the lyrics were bad? No. Did I say I hated the beat? No. I only said that Lupe can do better than this. I know what the song is saying. I did listen to it before I commented. Twice even. I never said he sold out. People just want to be quick to tell somebody off when they don't know what they're talking about. Lupe Fiasco is not mainstream. That's why you never hear him on the radio. Mainstream rap is mostly Gucci, Flock, Fabolous, OJ, Luda, Wayne, etc. And pretty much all of them suck. And the reason why people used to play Tupac, Biggie, and all of those people back in the day is because they didn't the higher ups didn't realize how powerful and intelligent hip hop was back then. That's why most hip-hop now is trash. Aka "mainstream" hip-hop. Yes, there are some artists still out there (B.o.B, Eminem, etc.); but there are very few. But back to the song. The reason why I said I wasn't impressed was because he didn't make me think in this song. The reason why Lupe became my favorite rapper is because in every song he made prior to this, he made me think. He showed me his gift for metaphors and wordplay. In this song, he didn't do that. That's why I'm disappointed. I most certainly will skip this song every time I hear it after I buy the album. Even 'Enemy of the State', a mixtape, had me deciphering lyrics for months. And he was talking about the same stuff he was talking about on this song. There was just more artistry involved with his prior work, in my opinion. And, um, HANDS13, I am a true fan. It's because I'm a true fan that I could Lupe dead in the eye and tell him that I didn't like this song and that he could do better. A true fan knows his favorite artist's potential and has the balls to say when he isn't meeting my expectations. So, no. I don't care if you agree or not, But don't assume that I'm stupid just because I dont' feel the same way you do.
KETSADO's picture

I believe what HANDS13 means to say is that we should appreciate the good rappers in the mainstream like Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B which he mentioned. Although it is filled with untalented artists, there still are good rappers out there that are mainstream but still bringing us the lyrical adept music, which all who respect real hip-hop know and love. If you believe that every single mainstream artist is mediocre, you will miss out on the few versatile artists out there.
MIKE_8's picture

All you kids living in the ghetto, keep pushing and pursuit your own happiness, skys the limit. The show must go on!
lean2's picture

@HANDS13 If Lupe was mainstream... would Atlanta hold back the record? If the record was finished in the summer why was a bruno mars song and video legitimately released before Lazers? The only time i heard Lupe on the radio was when Superstar was released then that stopped in a week... CALL THAT mainstream... atleast it brought me here
firmfiasco's picture

Who is that singing the hook? Lupe?
gspan's picture

Great use of a Modest Mouse sample, "Float On" The chorus to the Mouse song goes, "Alright already, we all float on" Initially I wasn't sure how I felt about Lupe piggy-backing so closely on Modest Mouse's song, but I've come to realize it's even cooler because of it. I wish he'd give them some credit, but all things considered, it's an awesome song. Cool messages, cool beat, I respect it. LASERS
AAZ120's picture

@HANDS13 We are idiots for hating mainstream? You are telling me that I should like listening to songs about drugs, sex, and money? Lupe avoids these society obsessed ideas and you go ahead essentially insulting him by putting him on the same level as Lil wayne, ludacris, and other ridiculous rappers.
KJD's picture

This is real rap. Lyrics are inspiring
Chillax's picture

This is why your my favorite artist!
elvis00's picture

And for those who keep saying its mainstream, its not, etc. Stop over thinking it. If you like it, mainstream or not, you like it, and vice versa.
elvis00's picture

Fuck iTunes, support the artist more directly by buying it off his site. Great track, just bought it and will gift it.
Young Genio's picture

Dude you guys are idiots how could you hate the mainstream, it's literally got the best songs, b.o.b and loupe fiasco are the mainstream kings, true their stuff should be bigger with all the heart and soul put into em but their albums still drop, they still sell, they still are fricken amazing. So why y'all hatinn? Y'all disgust me "I hate main stream this is bull complain complain complain" you ain't a true loupe fan your a jack*** that's what you are. So "question" or whatever your name is you need to stf up dude you don't even know what you're saying
ChaD_2's picture

If anyone says this is mainstream should kill themselves like seriously...even if the beat has high pitched tones like any other song...its still a different beat...and foremost...The lyrics...there is nothng mainstream about it....POINT BLANK PERIOD! FNF UP...ALWAYS
jpeyt0n2's picture

@THEMOVEMENT87 you tell em boy
Scottingram's picture

THEMOVEMENT87 - youre the man.
7sixes's picture

I bought it five times so I could send to my friends...
TheMovement87's picture

YALL COMPLAIN THAT YALL WANT TO HEAR LUPE ON THE RADIO AND GET RADIO PLAY....HE GIVE YALL WHAT YALL WANT AND SOME OF YOU UNGRATEFUL B*STARDS STILL COMPLAIN, SINCE WHEN HAS BEING "MAINSTREAM" BEEN BAD??....ITS ALL ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THE LLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCSSSSSSSS AND LUPES LYRICS IN THIS SONG ARE ON POINT, HE STILL STAYED TRUE TO HIS FANS AND HIMSELF....just because he has a "banger" beat doesnt make lupe a sell-out or any of that..did you hear him once talk about money, cars, clothes, hoes, clubbing, a** poppin', p-poppin in this song?...NO so whats the problem?.. SO For all the non-beleivers about lupe being a sell out plz REALLY listen to the lyrics b4 making judgment : 1st verse: Is talkin about being treated like a slave, making him and making him do what they want him to do (record company, illuminati) BUT he refuses and stays true to himself and his fans. 2nd verse:Talkin? about how he reps for all the kids, unfortunate kids, and teachers tellin their kids to experience the world , NOT to have a gun or b a dope boy 3rd verse: Survive and persevere through any struggle. nas had mainstream songs, tupac, biggie, wtf? bottom line is its a great song, its uplifting and he didnt sell out....he's still the lupe we know and he's still against the bulls**t indusrty, and he clearly shows that in this stfu, enjoy and support it :)
C.A.Griffin's picture

Wow! This song is really good. It's a feel good kind of song. Try and be mad while listening to it, you can't! Haha. But on the real this song is Lupe with Atlantic breathing down his neck. Don't get me wrong this song is amazing and Lupe kills it and i'm sure he loves this track, but it's pretty clear to see Atlantic wanted him to have a popular hit single or they weren't going to release this album. Either way this song is still dope and i'm really excited for March.
bball903's picture

You guys are being ridiculous, are you even listening to the lyrics? Lupe comes through with fluid, meaningful lyrics as usual. Who cares that it has a catchy hook? Bring this to mainstream and change the face of hip hop forever Lupe. Don't let anyone get you down. These "fans" say you're real hip hop but don't want you to spread farther than their expectations for you. You are hip hop and it's about time the rest of the world knew.
Willie Unkool's picture

I kinda think disliking "mainstream" is MAINSTREAM. But, that so call need to rebel against so call popular music of the day has been going on for decades. I dont listen to the radio, not because of the songs played but for the replaying of the same 10 songs all day. Anyway, I like the song. Funny for those to say its not Lupe, sounds like ya'll waiting for the past to resurface. The world is ending after one song. Lyrics fit. The sound of the song fit but isnt a sound that brings Lupe in your mind first when you hear it. Though seems part of what Lasers was aiming to be, 2nd and 3rd verse that is. First verse is basically the feelings of how he felt during the struggle to finally get the album released and why he wont going to let it stop him. In other words, title speaks for itself. If on the album, seems more like a song to place towards the end. Next to the last song. I've been waiting for the next Lupe album. No matter if it was LupEND, or Lasers because Lu gives you everything that an artist should give. It's why i'm a fan. Let the countdown begin to the release date.
DoubleAron's picture

when is this gonna hit itunes????
K-Dazed's picture

I think all the hipsters here need to calm down - just because it is considered mainstream doesn't make it a bad song. Personally, I don't like this song very much, but the beat is nice. I'm slightly disappointed that they copped the chorus from "Float On" by Modest Mouse though - I hate that song.
DoubleAron's picture

I really like this song. Yes, it is very mainstream compared to most of Lu's releases and it does not have the lyricism lupe is known for with double, triple, and even wuadruple entendres. BUT, it is a very uplifting song with a positive message. I think its diope and I'm excited for lasers. This is just one song, if you want the "classic" lupe I'm sure there will be plenty on the album. SUPPORT GOOD, POSITIVE HIP HOP
Bookoo's picture

I think people are blinded by their hatred for anything "mainstream" and can't differentiate artists. Lupe sounds great and I actually like the uplifting beat and overall tone of the song. And no, I don't like most of the mainstream stuff on the radio now.
alx83's picture

Question, I feel what you mean. But the only way LASERS was ever going to come out was with a hit single. Even with the trendy chorus, the beat still comes from a great indie rock song, and the lyrics are still Lupe lyrics. I will be disappointed if the entire album sounds like this, but based on what Lupe has said, I'm pretty sure this single to advertise his album will be the only one of it's kind on LASERS. And just another note: "Substance in the place of popularity." Kind of funny how that works, he's forced to make a song that should be popular, but it still contains substance.
KaVmAn's picture

Took me by surprise when i first heard it. It didnt sound like Lupe. Its beast thou


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