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Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...

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  • Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...
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    July 29, 2010

    I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?

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Busy's picture
on July 29, 2010

I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?


JGold's picture

mindOVERmatter... YOU>cool'.... qualityOVERquanity LUPE helpled influnce these traits within mySELF*** JGold
DISaS73R's picture

I want them man, I want them bad!
conorfrank's picture

aye lupe! all other rappers today...booty compared to your lyrical finesse. alright now that that's out of the way we can get to the real matter at hand haha. now im not going to try and weasel up some story about ever since i heard your verse on "Touch the Sky", and almost swerved off the freeway and got into an accident because of your lyrical grandeur, i have been your number one fan and i deserve this stuff to help pay off my fake surgery bills required by my almost accident. no no no, and im not about to brown-nose like all the other hundreds of fans in this competition because i know if your anything like me, and everybody else the universe (besides the actual brown-nosers themselves haha) they annoy the crap outta you, and if nothing else blend into the monotonous crowd of groupies. contrastly, i am confident that you will choose me for my individuality and uniqueness from the rest of the pack, knowing it would be in safe hands, and not get ruined from the water damage of the tears of joy/drool the groupie recipient would release upon receiving this glorious combination of souvenirs haha. so let me leave you with a simple adieu and hey, besides getting this deal, it would be great to meet you sometime haha. Lasers!
deiv's picture

mmmm, i want !!!!!!
Dearfall32's picture

You should def send that to me in Afghanistan. Morale booster like no other!
frak's picture

I live Lupe Fiasco. My Ipod. My views/outlook on life. Even my own music is heavily lupe influenced. I have probably memorized the lyrics to every song, mixtape or album. I think Streets on Fire is the best song ever written. To have some memorabilia to show my children like "dam, this was good music when i was your age."
Eric_6's picture

Dude I saw you concert in SF and ended up being the guy you rapped the cool lyrics with. Also, I can solve a Rubik's cube in under 40 seconds. Where can I buy one of those things?!?
Educationiskey's picture

I am your biggest fan, i have all your mixtapes and actually OWN both your albums, i LOVE your deeper message in your raps. I am consistently on your nuts, harping to my friends about you, Let me have those and they will be framed at my rice university dorm. MUCH LOVE -z p.s B.M.F is sick!
DJhuggybear's picture

I don't really have a good reason to want them. All I can say that if I were to have them, or even on thing I would love it or them and cherish it or them for all my life. Much Love
PurpleDemon666's picture

I'm going to college in a month an would love to decorate my room with some lupe goodies. would make my room a lot more livelier and would mix perfectly with the Lupe songs that will be blasting
tugg_08's picture

Yo Busy!!! Pick me! Pick me! There needs to be some sort of official contest for this.
thatonezombie's picture

If you are offering to give it away, I would gladly take it off your hands.
Boneless's picture

I hope that the last question was retorical, because every single person on this site wants those.
mike_18's picture

TheGrand's picture

LUPE - If you give me that rubik's cube you posted in the blog, I will SOLVE it, take a pic, and send you the pic. WE ARE NOT LOSERS!
BuildingMindsFaster_2's picture

I appreciate Lu's music. He's an inspiration. As trite and redundant as stating that is it never loses it's accuracy. The man is a genius. I remember reading somewhere that Lupe hated Hip-Hop until he listened to It Was Written. My story is similar. I did not begin to appreciate Hip-Hop until i heard Food & Liquor. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to have Lupe sign anything for me. I would love the Signed Fader magazine cover. To be honest, I would love any of these amazing goodies. The rubix cube sort of personifies what Lupe is about to me. All of his songs can be described as a rubix cube. It takes hours and hours to figure a Lupe Fiasco song out, and even when you think you "get it", you realize there is much more to it. Yet, it never really gets aggravating. It's enjoyable. The challenge that Lupe's music provides for a listener is awesome. I'm interested in how one would go about acquiring these things. Lupe has touched a lot of people throughout his career with his music and hundreds of fans would just immediately fall in love with any of these things. #WeWantLasers
DriZzY's picture

Please !!! I'm an upcoming 15 year old rapper who's only reason rapping is because of Lupe, and his movement of positive music. I never actually got to meet Lupe personally, but every time he's in Philly i'm there first row! This would be crazy if you sent me something.
iamtycho's picture

Awesome.. hook it up!
dmill2525's picture

oh and free lasers!!
dmill2525's picture

oh shit, chi-town guevara was dope. outty 5000, mean and vicious. ya'll can have the autographs and memorabilia, i want the music. i'm 'bout my green like string beans and beings from mars.
lupeluvr4lyfe's picture

nd i want it!!
lupeluvr4lyfe's picture

*gasp* i love lupe!!
WrathofAres's picture

Jordan_6's picture

Can I please get this. I think I'm the biggest Lupe fan around my age group (I'm 15 by the way). I bought both the Cool & Food and Liquor, I have all of the mixtapes he has released, and all the unreleased music I could find. I try to get all my friends to listen to his music because all they listen to is whatever is on the radio. I can't wait for Lasers, please pick me, thanks!
TheCoolest1_3's picture

I def want some of the stuff! Either one is fine with me. Lupe is my fav rapper and he inspires my life.
cpr360's picture

I would take any one of them. I just really believe in Lupe. As a rapper, as a person and as a leader. He does not know what he means to his true fans. Or maybe he does in which case he realizes he is loved by ones that truly believe in him. I am one. My first cd I ever bought was the cool, would have bought food n liquor but ironically, I was trying to be cool even though I felt his single kick, push. One of my favorite songs. Until that cd came out and the same thing happened with superstar, I felt it. Could not deny the way I acted at the time and slowly drifted from that life. He helped me change and forgive michael young history haha. ( i just put that last part after the first part of the sentence to be funny.) So If you would give me something for my dedication to him that would be cool if not Im still going to be bumping building minds faster ALL DAY EVERY DAY.
TheCipPher's picture i always have issues signing up but i'm 14 and honestly think im the biggest lupe fiasco fan i paid for both of the albums THE COOL and FOOD & LIQUOR I always argue with people because I say he's the best I'll really take what ever i can get from lupe
rafaelponce's picture

man, i REALLY want these!! i'm a HUGE fan!
mazelles's picture

umm i want it. it would go good with lupe shirt that i have in my room
trusubterfuge's picture

I dont know if Lu will see this but Lu made me realize that im not alone in my thinking ....i dropped out the school high school of conformity i was tired of the isolation that comes with wanting to be a somebody , the isolation of not wanting to follow stupidity ..... a homeless soul looking for hope road, the only thing that keeps me going is understanding that this life is a contradiction when we all live to die, all born wet to stay dry.....and when it seems like they living the life because of a lie ....i remember the truth will never die....people like lu keep hope alive, keep love in the sky , put perspective on hate and show what truly is great....keep spitting ....i got one black glove.... positive revolution


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