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Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...

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  • Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...
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    July 29, 2010

    I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?

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Busy's picture
on July 29, 2010

I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?


spicygarlic28's picture

really?!? how do we get the goods??
TruthDivine's picture

Maninderjit's picture

Who wouldn't want some goods representing the best rapper of all time? I would be glad to have some goodies. I actually have one to give to Lupe myself. Just need to find him to give it to him.
jake1214's picture

Although I'm sure I won't be chosen, it would be an honor to receive these. Lupe has been my favorite since 8th grade and to have some memorabilia would be amazing.
JAHRONMON's picture

Hip hop saved my life thats not right the L U P Saved me HAWAII LOVES LUPE
Jayyo0oe's picture

u my favorite rapper and i dont need any of that just a reply to know u really read what i write i love all the music and albums and i just wanna thank you for it all keep it up and just hit me up one day chyll with a fan
illiteratePoet's picture

lupe im one of your biggest fans and i would really appreciate if you would give me that stuff or atleast read / listen to one of my verses it would mean alot to get feedback from my favorite rapper
THECOOLEST614's picture

Lupe!!! You made me love hip/hop again. I remember when you came to Newport at The Ohio State University a couple years ago... You had to be a student to buy tickets ( I'm not a student), I paid some dude on CL $80 for 2 tickets... $10 for students (He wouldn't seperate them), then I have one to my friend for free so he could go... Then I was pissed when I stopped at my work (a campus grocery store) and missed you there. The next day when I came in for work, a cashier told me that she checked you and Matthew Santos out! You both donated $1 to the MDA foundation and signed your names on the paper shamrocks that get taped to the wall/window... Your's had little birds around your signature... I told my manager that I wanted them when they came off the wall, but of course I was off the day that happened and they got tossed in the trash with all the others. DAMN!!! I need those goodies!!! FNF UP!!!
jdnguyen's picture

Count me in for some please
TheGrand's picture

Lupe, Wassup man?? If you give me the rubiks cube, I promise to solve, take a picture of it, and send the picture to you. I love your music and I love rubiks cube(im kinda a nerd) so it'll work out perfect, haha. Cant wait for lasers...
Dat Boy Righ Dere's picture

Thatd be waves, I want it. Lupe a cool cat, been put on him for a min now, even before his first studio ish dropped. Holla atcha BOY.
chican06's picture

Gimme please. :)
Briznye's picture

I'll take it off your hands.
lilfitted13's picture

DJ Busy, I'd love to get some of that Lupe Fiasco stuff. He's my favorite apper second to none.
Kikkoman's picture

ayy Busy id love that fader mag or the 8x10..theyre exactly the kind of thing ive been looking for since first becoming a fan of Lu! please
avisbaseball's picture

and im from chicago
avisbaseball's picture

im 13 and all my friends listen to mainstream rap. they dont get y i think you're so amazing ill tell them that u talk about things besides violence and money. they dont care what i say but i still try to get people to listen to you. and i signed the we want lasers petition like 8 times.... just sayin. fnf up
DaQuool's picture

how do we acquire such treasures???
KidCastro's picture

Salaam Lupe, it would be cool if i could win this. I'm a big fan since F&L but i could never see u live cuz i live in germany (I also love ur band JC). Maybe u remember me. I'm the guy who converted to Islam like 4 years ago and we talked on MySpace once. Much Love & Respect.
mvp7721's picture

Busy, This stuff is legendary. Carerra Lu showing of his mad game. I would love something.
NextSundance's picture

Busy, you know there's no way any one person can prove that they're Lupe's biggest fan. Passion and money and adherence don't mean anything to people that have been close to suicide. Lupe's art has reached out to me when I was in a very dark place, and it goes without saying that getting these goodies would mean a lot to me.
SaySar's picture

PLEASE RIGHT HERE. I have The Cool album autographed and framed on my wall with a picture of him signing them. Please me! i would love to add to my collection! We want L.A.S.E.R.S.
Newlopw's picture

OMG my little sister is a huge Lupe fan!! I would love to give these to her for her 10th birthday. She'll be sooo happy!!
RoDKnEE's picture

RIGHT HERE, I need it... Been to many concerts from Lupe, Most recent was Steppin' Laser in Las Vegas!!
martin.gee's picture

I would be extremely honoured if I was lucky enough to get them. Spending a whole week & working countless hours on the #WeWantLasers movement and the petition, emailing DJ's, newspapers and websites all over the world, and twittering more celebs about it than I can even come close to remembering, has made my love for Lupe Fiasco grow even stronger. He is the definition of talent, inspiration and integrity. As much as I would go absolutely insane with joy if I got these goodies, it could never compare to the feelings I will feel the day Lasers is released..
MM3's picture

Busy I love you bro
Jaegar's picture

So I could go on and on with a bunch of lines about how I'm Fiasco's biggest fan, but I'm sure he and you and everyone else have all heard it all before. So instead of wasting anyone's time, I'll just put it out there that it would be sick to get some of this swag. Lupe is a rapper that focuses on real world concepts instead of the mainstream BS. But you already knew that, so I'll sign off with this, Lupe, keep doing what you're doing because your fans and the game are listening and waiting for your next move...
lupeforlife's picture

Ill take the fader magazine cover, i think it's funny about how barely any people comment on here and all of a sudden this is filled with comments, come on people
kaloncunningham's picture

If I were to get those items, that would make my shitty life just a bit better. I've been a big fan of Lupe almost 5 years now. I remember buying (yes, buying) the "Lupe the Jedi" mixtape when I was in high school and I thought it was the dopest thing ever. But when I let my peoples listen to it they said that Lupe was whack as fuck. I was the nerd in all my classes. I was the type of guy who got good grades, read manga and comics, watched anime, played in the band and was shy around girls. I used to try to fit in, but hearing Lupe made me want to stand out. He's one of the reasons I am the way I am today. I'm not going to say I'm his biggest fan, but trust, I'm up there. FNF up. #wewantlasers. Sign the petition if you haven't already! And get your knowledge up folk! Was is spitting real shit on that new BMF (Building Mind's Faster) Freestyle. Peace!
Eyerone's picture

Holleratcherboy! I dont have a cool story (bro) for why i deserve to win, but it would be cool to win some lupe fan swagg.


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