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Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...

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  • Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...
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    July 29, 2010

    I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?

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Busy's picture
on July 29, 2010

I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?


TravisEOTS's picture

ME BUSY!!! IVE BEEN A LUPE FAN SINCE REVENGE OF THE NERDS AND I HAVE DRIVEN 10 HOURS TO SEE HIM PERFORM, TWICE. i think i deserve all this with all the gas money i've spent on him. lol
SierraLuella's picture

I'd take these things, and cherish them. Then someday pass them down to my future kids, and them give them to their kids.. The Lupe Legacy, what GREATNESS really is, symbolizing something so powerful. I want! :) -Luella
atx_eve's picture

i would gladly take that off your hands @___@ we drove from austin to houston for his show, and if i had money, i woulda driven up the OTHER DIRECTION home to Dallas for the other show also lol i definitely had to do all my final journalism projects a week in advance. no sleep for me ;( tsk tsk for making concerts on a school night lmao jk jk we got back by 2am and i had an 8am class. WORRRRRTHHHHH IT. p.s. my camera was definitely water damaged when lupe threw some of his water bottle into the crowd. lol we were that close *faint
Xipro's picture

I want it. I would write a essay explaining why, but those three words have my intentions down.
izuany's picture

mee =) please
ShaZan1011's picture

I would like some please. I`ve only been a Lupe fan for about a year now, but this man has made such an impact on me that I have completely changed my life and being graced with such a gift would truly make me happy. Of course, I`m probably not going to recieve this unique package, but I hope whoever does recieve it enjoys it. Lupe is profound!
lasean's picture

Lupe is my role model he helped me find myself again during a time when I tryin to be something I wasn't (gangsta). He is my favorite rapper and I think he's the best rapper period. Dead or alive. He inspires my music and he also inspires me to be a better person. If it was for him I probaly would be in the streets somewhere. Please pick me I'm like the biggest lupe fan ever
LittleMsCHItwn's picture

Damn i'd love to own these and I'd share my bro loves lupe just as much as me :) i kno he'd crap himself if we won! And I'm not just a fan I really love his music it's refreshing to see a real ARTIST not just a rapper talkin bout asses and cars 24/7. #WEWANTLASERS badddddd!!!!! No.18998!!!
4ziATiC's picture

iGotcha's picture

I had a dream about Lupe last night! I'd love to get any of what you have there! I can't wait to see him in concert again, FNF UP! And everyone, sign that petition!
isom's picture

i would love to get that gear. especially the rubix cube
TripleS88's picture

Bot's picture

I am lupe's biggest fan!
Chris S's picture

i would love any one of those. during my only high school detention, i recited the entire Cool album in my head to pass the time. word for word. that's at least worth the Fader Magazine
ohmyc0d's picture

Kray's picture

I would love to have it...and ill send use back a pic of lupe i drew poster size =)
TallulahNerdBane's picture

**side eye** do we get the stuff? =)
device's picture

i do man cmon hook it up busy!!!! haha
Ashley Bounsouaysana's picture

I want it!!! Oh my gosh I would die if I had anything signed by my man Lupe. He needs to drop Lasers soon! New music right now is boring and if Lasers drop soon that would save it.
Boooo1's picture

I do! any posters!? I Need a MJ poster and LF poster for my studio
Fame Killz's picture

I DOOOOOO! What do I have to do ??'s picture

l could really go for that autograph magazine... lmk!
SkyB's picture

Gladly my fandom can be of some use... I sooo want these goodies... Mr. Wasalu Muhammad Jaco... Everytime I see him it's like the first time I saw the Kick, Push video... The poetic prophet of west side Chi invading my eardrums and assaulting my eyes with his beauty... The rock and roll scream wears well on the man... His penchant for a disestablishmentarian (SAT words anyone lol) stance when it comes to the American government coupled with his near mastery of the English and Arabic languages makes my hands shake more than the spirit fingers guy in Bring it On... My pulse quickens like the moment before a first kiss and then sonic and visual euphoria sets in... Gah I F*CKING LOVE HIM!!!!!!
B. Lane's picture

TallulahNerdBane's picture

Im his biggest secret tattoo proves it! lol wait its not a secret anymore.....regardless i should be picked..shouldnt i? =)
shotcalla427's picture

Me me me me! I have bought every album, downloaded every mixtape, and followed Lupe Fiasco religiously. Nobody in the music industry has influenced my life more than Lupe Fiasco. He is my absolute favorite recording artist of all-time, and has been since even before he put out Food & Liquor. I want one of those so badly! I can't even tell ya how awesome it would be and how much it'd mean.
Awesomexp's picture

I'd also like to know how I can obtain at least one of these goodies.
Jay3jR's picture

I would be immensely ecstatic if this were somehow to become within my possession. Preferably in the immediate future...
spgregory's picture

I want................... PICK ME DJ BUSY
xprime3234's picture

lupe's the greatest. He's my favorite artist by far! i would forever be thankful if you let me have something


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