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A Child Rebel Soldier LP Depends On 'Demand'

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Busy's picture
on October 15, 2010

CRS Album?


shez's picture

what they said we want it in da u.k 2 please lu
Isral Jr.'s picture

DEMAND!?!?!?! of course the demand is a CRS album would destroy the charts (:
lupefanatic's picture

come on lu, you know we want it, why are you making us beg? :) (which ill do btw, please drop it!)
Young Genio's picture

dude the demand is there haha lupe you aint even gotta ask i can tell you we aaaalllllll want that album man that would be so hot
Simon Baker's picture

CRS are awesome the album needs to be dropped
MysBlu4's picture

This is my demand: GIVE US CRS, GIVE US CRS! This has the potential to be the greatest collaboration ever
Lomangino's picture

I would love to hear a CRS album.
Gheeman's picture

Well. This is my demand. CRS is needed. Not only to us true lovers of hip-hop. But for the game itself. Guys like you bring it back to the roots. Speaking of The Roots, hookin up with them to do your tracks would be a dream come true. But you know, that is indeed only a dream.
quickgiant's picture

i cant express how much i would love a crs album. all of your songs together are incredible. and as the previous comment says, you should put up some way to show our demand, because this would be amazing.
UtzLikeTheChips's picture

Where do I provide a formal demand for a CRS album?
Brock11's picture

Please make this album some good stuff could come out of it, sort of like black star
Daydreamer_2's picture

Yes Please! All legends, the music that would come out from it would be incredible!!
BigWill81's picture

kazhar's picture

CRS album PLEASE!!
Tre's picture

We want an All City Chess Club album as well. The people have spoken!
Akeemius's picture

What they said \/
andret's picture

I want a crs album. I mean come on lu I mean look at what ull be droppin there, do it for the block and the blogesphere since they not ready for the heavy lu just keep it light as jogging gear lol
kmatth2's picture

i know it will be fire... you would be silly not to drop that!!!
The Fresh Prince's picture

A CRS album would be amazing, such a great group needs to put out an album together. definitely need this
JScott's picture

Deff demand this CRS album...i need some more CRS in my life
deaDRadio's picture

CRS!!!! i need CRS in my life! Us Placers &everybody Nose Remix can only hold us off for so Long!
Sal Simmons's picture

Meanwhile... To Listen: ... To Download:
Bardha's picture

Fans of Lupe, Kanye, and Pharrell need it!!! I demand def, CRS sounds greattt
TheCool_4's picture

Lupe, cmon, you Kanye and Pharrell are three of the most talented motherfuckas in the game, who wouldn't want to see you collaborate on an entire LP???? Us Placers, Everyone Nose Remix, and Don't Stop are works of art, and I know that plenty of people would appreciate more of that. The amount of talent and effort that would go into such an album would be unheard of. DO IT!
AlxTai's picture

"Seeing if the demand is there, seeing if people really want it."? OF COURSE the demand is there and OF COURSE people really want it! CRS sounds amazing
FMS_Twisted's picture

We need a CRS album as much as we need L.A.S.E.R.S!!!!!
FNF_2's picture

Goodlife65's picture

We def need a CRS album. Three of the most talented to do it
dedxsad's picture

ya crs is sooo dirty
Generation Lasers's picture

Im Definitely craving for the CRS album. 3 of the most talented musicians of our generation coming together for an album.Thats off the chain


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