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A Child Rebel Soldier LP Depends On 'Demand'

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on October 15, 2010

CRS Album?


Chillax's picture

Wait unless I heard wrong you just asked me if I wanted another Lupe album...........OF COURSE.
enichols13's picture

definitely must buy. anything with kanye and lupe is a must have
itz_Levon's picture

Wasalu is the greatest. your words are the most inspiring, the most understandable. you speak truth. I hope you continue to move towards your goal with your initial intentions. I have never felt someone words so deeply in my soul. you are the closest to a messiah, I have heard. A man spreading the truth. A man spreading wisdom. May you live long and have a glorious journey through life.
Jee's picture

CRS needs to drop an album. The demand us definitely out here...there's not one person who calls themselves a fan of Lupe, Kanye, and Pharrell who wouldn't wanna see this happen. There's a small influx of really good music out and the only ones really doing it are those three so why not drop an album? US Placers and Don't Stop are too dope to not be followed by other awesome tracks...hip hop needs it and most importantly THE FANS NEED IT!!!!!
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Bai's picture

CRS CRS CRS CRS would tear it up with an album. It would take some work to get all three of you together, but it would be sooooooooo worth it. Just look at all the hype from Don't Stop! It is such a sick track. Please DO IT!!
ThaAceman's picture

Who doesn't want it yall better start making it now lol plz do because i want to here this album made.
Droolin's picture

everybody wants's all over the net....any time there's a pic of any 2 of the artists together people are thinking crs.even if they're in the same city. "Lupe's in nyc,oh shit so is"
chillushio's picture

hell yea we want a CRS album.
PreteyBoy's picture

CRS CRS CRS thats the chant Ive been waiting for this since US PLACERS man if theres not enough demand we'll start another petition give the people what they need
mikecostantini's picture

adman0271's picture

Of course we want it!
atuthill2010's picture

YES WE WANT IT!!! CRS is the ultimate Hip Hop super-group ever and an album would be the epitome of epicness. The fans want it!!!!
AmeerHelix's picture

I want it! Us placers is one of the hottest hip hop records of all time.
Jets_Setter31's picture

what the hell????? Hell Yea we want it!!! We been waitin on that CRS for a minute... Lupe, Kanye, & Pharrel? I haven't heard anything like that since Lebron signed wit the Heat
We are not losers's picture

it would be the hottest album of the eternity GIVE IT TO US!
Jets_Setter31's picture

What??? Hell yea we want it.... you, Kanye, & Pharrel, I havent heard of anything like that since Lebron signed with the Heat!!!! We want it for damn sure, im speaking for millions of fans too
lupeforlife's picture

i demand also
bryanp1289's picture

the demand is thereeee! now supply us with greatness!
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Jeremiah D's picture

Akday's picture

There is mos def a demand Lupe, K. West, and Skateboard P? No brainer!
D.Swift's picture

the demand is here. I DEMAND! now hurry up and gimme lol
r3bel's picture

feeeed meeee
JAYFOD's picture

The State of Hip Hop needs that album! Three of the BEST to ever do, The well being of Hip Hop demands that album
Miharbi21's picture

Everybody better demand an album. Three great music artists on one disc, and they'll be Kanye's album, Lasers, and NERD's album. Music will constantly be playing in my house.
Ephod2010's picture

I Demand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I been waiting on a album from you all for about 3 years, back when yall released US Placers
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