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Kid Cudi - Erase Me ft. Kanye West [Music Video]

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Busy's picture
on October 12, 2010

Dope Video. What y'all think?


DillonKirk's picture

I have 2 main idols in this world Lupe. and you and Scott are both of them i look up to both of you guys more than anybody on this planet. You guys are so dope I know one day i'll meet you guys. and it's gonna be insane! ahha!
zPoooh Bear's picture

this is a great song and the music video is hilarious
kalledemos's picture

lol "have you ever had sex... with me?" awesome music vid. cudder(& lupe) leggggo!
r3bel's picture

its not video of the year or anything like that but its cool kinda funny
G. Hall's picture

JIMI!!!! haha tight video, fresh ideas and music!!
Gl1tch's picture

I want what Kanye's got on his head
ExposingTheWicked's picture

fail for calling cudi a rapper lol
krazy mack's picture

damm. hate haters jajaja 4 all of yall b******g about the cudder go f**k a goat!! jajajaja no but seriously,dudes must understand we are entering 2 the future we must expand are mind 2 dig this ordinaries from the future!! yall dig ,yeah lupe is a betta lirycist but thats not the fck point is about music how can you not like cudi ,in my opinion his betta them alot of rappers today im not going 2 say names (gucci mess) but is tru
krazy mack's picture

last week i find out lupe and kid cudi had built an dope frienship is like the coolest shit ever :)
MartinLennox's picture

Very original video ! Cudi and Kanye have done a great job once again - amazing song heard it a long time ago and I am not sick of it yet - which is good :D !
Arsenalforever8's picture

Pretty sick! Cudi comes 2nd to Lupe for sure!
ExposingTheWicked's picture

wooooow so FRIKKIN COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL............................ think i'm going to buy the album, instead of lasers, cuz I can't spend that much money for music
Raaj's picture

haha, McLovin on drums!!
xfactor's picture

Lupes so much better than this guy....
KETSADO's picture

José_5's picture

Kid Cudi is the best music that i ever listen to. But man, drugs is not the answer.
bellboy2420's picture

I love Cudi been listening to him for a while now, gotta say not really sure why he is going with this alternative girl pop style. I like the use of real instruments, I just dont like the vibe the song is putting off. I really hope Mr. Rager wont be all like this..
arscenio's picture

Loving this video. Seems like LASERS shouldn't be the only album I put aside some money for....

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