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  • It's Official...
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    October 08, 2010

    Lupe Fiasco's much-anticipated new album "Lasers" hits stores and online Tuesday, March 8th 2011. The first single will premiere on Tuesday, October 26th right here on first! #GenerationLasers you ready? Let's go!

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on October 08, 2010

Lupe Fiasco's much-anticipated new album "Lasers" hits stores and online Tuesday, March 8th 2011. The first single will premiere on Tuesday, October 26th right here on first! #GenerationLasers you ready? Let's go!


jadon's picture

finally the album date has been set, but the 8th feels so far away
tearbear90s's picture

thats mad dope im suppa amped for that gonna be a classic album right there LASERS
123456789fiascofan's picture

does that mean a tour?
XbowXpert's picture

Dam, March 8th 2011? Thats too long away for me, it cant be released sooner or wat. O well, at least we have a release date, thats better than nothing. And i thought Shining down was the single for Lasers???
Matt_13's picture

And by "new," we of course mean two-and-a-half years old.
daky209's picture

March is gonna come up fast! im gonna buy a good 4 or 5 copies!!!!
ado's picture

@DWEBB3 Nope. Atlantic has him under contract and they'll be forcing him to release albums as long as they can leech money out of him. That's the hip-hop game: these pieces of shit suck everything out of you until there's no more left and then they move onto the next. It's not about the music, these people most likely don't even like hip-hop. They like the money that they get from it. This isn't even Lupe Fiasco's website, it's Atlantic-owned. I'm writing here only in hopes that one of those leeches would step out of their corporate shadow and actually answer questions we have.
Violent's picture

Another 5 months..Can't wait! But, THANK YOU LORD, it's on it's way! F~n~F 4~L!
dwebb3's picture

and at least after this he can cut loose from atlantic and do his own thing
ado's picture

lol, only until after you noobs at Atlantic were pressured to release it. all you motherfuckers care about is money, it's pathetic. lupe, go independent, you don't need people like this to "support" you.
dwebb3's picture

hey i'll take what i can get...ima be busy with scholl so itll go by fast but WE WON GUYS!!!!
bkariya22's picture

HELL YEAH!!! I love you Lupe. So pumped for the single and finally the album!!
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ShupeRouga's picture

jeez la weez! i mean, thanks for the date and not to sound unappreciative but JEEZ! march my man?! FINE! M mixtape??? hhhhmmm, LOL ;} GREAT! btw: NO #fiascofriday?
LolDaMaddin's picture

march is a loooooooooong time :S bur better than nothing :D can't wait! L.A.S.E.R.S.
smiGens's picture

thats some ole bs man. But its good to know. It would be nice to have another mixtape in the meantime. To hold me over. I be beamin all the way to adv. acct.
dezzie M.O.E.'s picture

BEEN WAITING FOR TWO AND A HALF YEARS TO SHOOT OFF L.A.S.E.R.S patience will be a virtue indeed.
Dirtysouthkid's picture

illmatic's picture

Does this mean FoascoFriday is canceled?
AllEyezOnP's picture

march is kinda far out... maybe we'll get another mixtape at thanksgiving like last year. lupe's fans are definitely the most passionate fans around. shit, we were ready to march down the avenue of the americas for his music. i wonder if that threw up any flags in the atlantic records conference room.
Force's picture

March REALLY? C'mon been waiting a whole year an a half and they push it back ALL THE WAY TO MARCH OF NEXT YEAR (i thought they said the album was done already) Why aren't they releasing sometime by the end of this year, hell i would have even been ok with a January date i mean WTF... haven't we waited long enough for this album... why would it take that long???.... Lupe may we please get a mixtape or something in the meantime to hold us #I'mBeamin'
Glad its Night's picture

wtf march? Shits been done for over a year now and we still gotta wait 5 months for it on some peace treaty shit? WE NEED THIS! I'm ecstatic it finally got a date but furious about yet another wait...
CONCRETE's picture

I STILL SAY FUCK ATLANTIC (Checking on the buzz here huh? COCKSUCKERS!) This is tremendous news though. Lupe's music is needed unlike the generic bullshit you drop for the brainwashed; packaged by your high school economics marketing ploys.
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yungjedi314's picture

Im so freakin happy rite now its unbelievable, Im ready 4 it now
jendaddyloveslupe's picture

i'm READY!!!! waited a year n sum change TOO long for this album! i'm already #BEAMING!
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