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Janelle Mone - Tightrope (Wondamix) ft. B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco [Video]

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  • Janelle Mone - Tightrope (Wondamix) ft. B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco [Video]
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    July 01, 2010

    These 3 should do an entire album together. What do you think?

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Busy's picture
on July 01, 2010

These 3 should do an entire album together. What do you think?


Akday's picture

This song was straight fiyah!!!!!!!! Can't stop playin it. Its on heavy rotation in the Ipod, @ work, @ home, in the car...everywhere! Bomb ass collabo!! Just my humble opinion...the 3 should tour the US together! Just make sure to stop in Tampa FL!!!
Enthralled.The.Night's picture

would love any album hes on and completely agree with henman King fiasco
sistaswag22's picture

b.o.b. and lupe are my two favorite rappers. i didnt even like janelle till this
Greekbadger3_2's picture

Lupe and anyone would be an awesome album...speaking of which, anyone know whats up with CRS??
bryanp1289's picture

these 3 should absolutely make a whole album together.. it would go platinum in a day.. they fuse so well and are all amazing.. i just dont know if i would be able to handle how epic it would be
RobTheRebel's picture

Is It Just Me Or IS This Like The 2010 Fugees?....Just Sayin. lol
Mr. Rager's picture

Sick Song by King Fiasco & The Amazing B.o.B :)
josueq45's picture

This remix could have only happened in my dreams. My three favorite artists outside of Kanye. This would be the biggest meeting of creative minds out there. It would be the best thing to happen to hip hop ever since Kanye, Lupe, and B.O.B. came on the scene.
Kakashi Fiasco's picture

Lupe was wicked.
datruth011's picture

By the way, when is Lupe releasing his album? It has really been a min.
Bozco's picture

Not possible, Lupe can't even release his own album.
BlaZe_2's picture

is it me or does the guitarist look like Andre 3000? :D
MAUsenior11's picture

it'd be crazy insane if they did one, it would be a hit for sure, everyone would buy.. 3 amazing artists!
De's picture


Absolutely, that old school, new school funk artrap is the ish and we need more of it in Hip Hop today.
Jovan's picture

3 of my Favorite artists on one track :)
rappinazn's picture

YES!! Collaboration is the best kind of teamwork! :D
pun_jab's picture

They should do an album together, we need some real music!
ArmyyyyGirl's picture

yea they def should do an album together, and of not that a mixtape!
Nkenge's picture

AhhhhhHH!!! YES ! been waiting TOO long-this is IDEAL hip hop!!TooHoohoohoo long- that was as beast as i thought it would be
b50willis's picture

Lupe, Yeezy and Pharrell MUST have Jannelle Monae' in on CRS!
deli dell's picture

i'm diggin this video!!! this is my jam!!! and i'm

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