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Lupe and B.o.B @ Tightrope Remix Video Shoot

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Busy's picture
on June 06, 2010


arhum297's picture

where did you get the patch from WEARENOTLOSERS?
wearenotlosers_2's picture

I have that patch he's wearin on his suit!!!
FIASCO LOVER's picture

there is a video for this!!!!!!!!... and lupe needs to make his own line of suits because he wears them soo well..
mona904's picture

yeah they do look good..
Akday's picture

mmmhmm! Both of you looking so suave! Gotta love it!
JG_RT's picture

At least i'm not the only one who had thesame thought
211's picture

I need that shirt, I want all Lasers gear, trillyandtruly, false....*sighs* maybe one day he will release some of the gear he wears... ALL SABOTAGE!!!

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