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Drake - "Find Your Love" [Music Video]

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on May 11, 2010


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I like it.
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Gl1tch's picture

He was pussywhipped and wanted more instead of moving on to the next one.
KyleMatrixx's picture

@Y.C. If it was typical Hollywood Drake would have got the girl and walked away unscathed
Megz's picture

This is the song!!! I love that Drake is one of the artists like Lupe that is making real music that actully means something. This is the kind of music you can just get lost in. Or think to. I hope that all the rapers out there relize life isnt just about drugs, money, and sex. There is way more real deeper things out there and you can find those stories in these type of songs.
CosmicAquarius's picture

While I am not a critic nor a fan of his, I can appreciate the deeper and metaphorical principal he gave to this song and video. It should be obvious to the listener, that Drake is actually having dialogue within himself. His feminine and masculine selves are at war with one another and the female in this video actually represents anything external..(something Drake feels that he needs but actually does not at all) So he takes a risk and goes after what he thinks he wants and it costs him. Once you unify your own male and female then you will receive everything you desire in life including your TRUE love/mate/partner and not a false love or one that could try to harm you. Find Your Love could also mean..FIND YOUR (OWN) LOVE first.then you will receive your soulmate
James_6's picture

This is not good, I don't like it.
J Day's picture

what crap this is. Watching this just makes me love Lupe that much more though.
BLACKfoote's picture

No, no, no, no, no...Please stop supporting crap! You're too good for that Lupe! Love your music...
HiphopNeesh's picture

i like the song, and the vidoe is very intriguing. but i cant seem to make the relation between the video meaning and the song meaning. the video is about loving a girl who has a crazy boyfriend who wants to kill you, and the song is about taking a chance with your heart and hoping the girl doesnt hurt it. but either way, drake is dope. cant wait till Thank Me Later drops. that and Recovery will keep me set until Lasers finally comes out. For now, im bumpin Distant Relatives. before that was Adventures of Bobby Ray. before that, music was sucking big time.
Shah Love's picture

Love the Carribean vibe! Big ups to Drake for adding something different to the newcomers of hip-hop. I appreciate the versitility. Love the Jamaican infusion.
ExposingTheWicked's picture

gay and misuiding LUPE STOP POSTING CRAP ON YOUR SITE -.-'s picture

I don't really like Drake but this video is ok.
AleDemiurge's picture

I'm hard on Drake . . . really. However for his first true single, I'm impressed. The video is well done. I'm a big Shottas fan, so seeing this following a similar setting wins points.
Y.C.'s picture

I like the song, never heard it before. I also never heard Drake singen like that ... the only song I just like is "Best I Ever Had" ... I am not a fan of the Young Money Camp ... but this is ok. The video is pretty mainstream. It shows the typical situation. Guy loves girl, she has a friend, in this case a powerful friend, wrong place and wrong time, he gets the information, BANG BANG. I don't like this Hollywood typical thing ... but still ... it is all about the music FNF ALL DAY

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