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Rock Star Games: Red Dead Redemption

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  • Rock Star Games: Red Dead Redemption
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    May 08, 2010

    I'm getting this...Anyone else? In Stores May 18th. What other games you playing right now?

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Busy's picture
on May 08, 2010

I'm getting this...Anyone else? In Stores May 18th. What other games you playing right now?


pipvK's picture

Do u see lupes' name somewhere? It says busy and busy's clearly not Lupe lol
dablackestwhiteboy's picture

Yo Lupe, why u sayin in your lasers manifesto that you want an end to the glamorization of negativity in the media nd now ur postin this shit right here man? I dont get it, just damagin ur credibility...
pwnyurface's picture

im telling you, if there are any legend of zelda fiends like me out there, then GET or at least ren 3D DOT GAME HEROES, shit is all that....
JTal24's picture

Star Craft II Beta, Splinter Cell: Conviction... Waiting For Max Payne 3
AleDemiurge's picture

This is supposed to be a pretty nice game. Currently I'm spinning MAG, God of War II, Final Fantasy 13, Modern Warfare II, Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet and Bayonetta. Needless to say I'm PS3 to the bone! I'm SO N.Y. lol
211's picture

YYo, waiting for a Lupe album is like waiting for a new next Gen system. We need Lasers homie. But the game I'm playing right now is Alan Wake. You have to get this one, its a great game. Will be cropping that read dead too!
pwnyurface's picture

red dead redemtion looks official, got mines already pre-ordered and cant wait to cop it...i will be busy with some FF13 and 3D dot game heroes as well i am geeked about tiger woods 2011 coming out in june and still rock the RE5 on the regular, also Super Mario Galaxy Dos and Metroit other M are dropping soon, good time to be a video game head fo sho
Koffie's picture

havent seen this video yet. i pre-ordered it. im waiting atm for my ps3 copy of GTAIV:EFLC to hit the mail, im gonna be short of time for all these games. i just finished just cause 2, great game! and Super mario galaxy 2 coming next month as well! this is gonna be a hot summer!!!
Bastibus's picture

Fifa 2010 is hot right now, Just Cause is sick aswell
Tomiwa's picture

its definitely all about super street fighter 4 right now
Kingj56's picture

Lu i be on that MW2 and Killzone2 lol. wats yo game bro
Kuristopa's picture

Nice one, The first one was good times. I just got Borderlands for PS3. It's not bad, kinda like a combo between fallout, halo, and diablo. but i got no time to play these days!
xfactor's picture

Gonna get this and UFC 2010....MW2 and BFBC2 are getting old now...
Jeremiah D's picture

just got final fantasy tofay and re bought oblivion. got tired of fallout mw2 online also ps3 ftw
BobSmith's picture

Uncharted 2 and Pro Evo.
Chacho's picture

Game looks good, but Fallout 3 never gets old either. Gotta get Alan Wake too, that looks like the shit!
Noa The Ruler's picture

If they drop a demo for this and I happen to like it then I'll get it. I'm playing Killzone 2 right now. It never gets old for me. I'm also playing heart gold.
AlienPstar88's picture

This game is going to be off the chain. and lupe if u pre order it at gamestop you get the silent assassins suit, but be sides that the online play is going to be BA....... you getting for 360 or ps3
Garcon's picture

The only games I can get into nowadays are the Nintendo DS Ace Attorney games >_> But Halo Reach looks very fun. And Skate 3.
thisischazz's picture

im playing that gears of war 2 cant wait for gears 3
DeMo's picture

lol only game that stays in my ps3...mw2
Ryan B's picture

this game look pretty cool hmmm ive been playin that halo reach beta that just drop is fuckin nuts cant wait 4 the final product ... jus cause 2 is good 2 everyone still on cod tho im done wit that shit fuck that game... Skate 3 super street fighter 4 a ton of good games out right now cant wait to cop laser's !!
KJSilver's picture

I already have it paid off

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