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Steppin' Laser Tour Uniform

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  • Steppin' Laser Tour Uniform
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    March 27, 2010

    Official Steppin Laser Tour Audience Member Uniform:

    1. Black T-Shirt
    2. Black Shoes Or Boots
    3. Black Shades
    4. Camoflauge Pants

    Didn't get tickets yet? Click HERE to buy now! See ya @ the shows...

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Lupe Fiasco's picture
on March 27, 2010

Official Steppin Laser Tour Audience Member Uniform:

1. Black T-Shirt
2. Black Shoes Or Boots
3. Black Shades
4. Camoflauge Pants

Didn't get tickets yet? Click HERE to buy now! See ya @ the shows...


D-LITE_2's picture

Lupe Fiasco is the hardest event to hit Charlotte since Hurricane Hugo! Me and my boy Evan S. will be in full uniform at Uncc for Chicago's finest tonight. Finally some real music gets to the south!
Fiasco_kid09's picture

GOT MY TICKET! HAHA im Ready Got My gear for the concert n my ticket a month n a half n advance thanks to my radio station! haha FnF UP! P-TOwn UP! haha Lupe Portland cant wait for you to put on that killer show man. seen the pics n all its crazy man! imma be there 4 hours early im tryna see you front row man been a big fan for a long time i have never been so excited to see anyone man got my UNI man im set to see ya! haha
pujaisbananas's picture

Does anyone know where the pictures will be up? the ones he took of the people who wore the uniform?
MizzLuna_2's picture

Will b there in AC..uniform n all
DeMo's picture

im gon be at the houston show. but damn where u guys buyin yo camo pants from??
dmurder_2's picture

You better be coming to Boston homie. I just dropped more bones on the uniform than the tickets. FNF UP!!! (P.S. Yankees vs. Red Sox Game same night so please leave early, aight? Don't wanna hear that traffic mess cuz you are NOW INFORMED lol. Much love to my favorite rapper.) - Dan The Man
hegetsthegirl's picture

so can't wait to see him in AC!!
wildonehun's picture

Feeling the uni but not that he ain't comin to the CHI. I wish a had a flippin presale password for the Peoria show. Please somebody HEEELPPPP MEEEEEE!
VintageBLK's picture

jeniffernelligangsan's picture

that doesnt work for me too
Sabotage's picture

Don't know where to cop camo pants... someone hook me up. lol
slowman15's picture

ticketmaster is BS, that shit never works for me.
J Therapy's picture

You or Nas Family!! Who's Going to pick up the next REAL Genuine Lyricist?? Heres a hint, I'm White... Just listen to one.. I believe Genuine Lyricism may Inspire you. Hip Hop needs to become the Guide to the Youth as it has Always been Destined to be. Wouldn't you agree Brother?? I look Forward to hearing from you. J The"rap"y
z3k3's picture

come to the UK !
Jo3_412's picture

Man Lu, is you gon have all that on?!??! If the answer is yes then perhaps I can manage to get something worked out! Maybe....
Hori's picture

Come to CHICAGO, not the 'burbs. Please thanks.
Hori's picture

Peoria? Seriously? Epic fucking FAIL dude. :(
Mz.Tattoo's picture

ok so im soooooo sad right now the closet ur comin to me is dc and the tix r sold out......... i been tryin every which way to get some but now good........ i think im going to cry!!!!!!!!! just gotta find another city
Pepe96's picture

(Edmonton, AB)....Please
bigmilo3's picture

any backstage passes!!???? come on now! lol
MurpH_2's picture

Are you coming to Detroit?
Jak_Da_Riipa's picture

I would be in all black and shit ...but its just one little problem...UR NOT COMING TO MICHIGAN!!! Damn Jo' Im prolly go hafta go to Peoria
Adia's picture

Camo pants? That's a fashion NO!
BoRn911's picture

Ill be in Houston and Dallas! And looking awfully fresh I might add...
C Mac's picture

Dallas will be in the house!
Elycia's picture

damn you are a beast in the way that you control them!! lol LOVE you lu, but being a sheep and dressing like the masses isn't my flow, i'll be there in all back everything! XOXOXO See you in NYC 4/11
fresh2deathsheis's picture

4/11, my second birth lmao! i think the nyc tix are all sold out... ticket master is frontin lol. i guess i gotta go shoppin... camo shorts okay?
Lm_wfc's picture

*gets white tux ready*
evox18's picture

dallas ahh!! cant wait camo pants,black supras,black tee im ready :]
N3RD's picture

ahhh, ill so be in uniform :] anyone going to the dallas show? cant waittttt!!!


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