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Drake - "Over" [Music Video]

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Busy's picture
on April 12, 2010

Dope. What y'all think?


devyn.morris's picture

Video sick...lyrics mediocre...Drake needs to go bk to his roots and re-establish the true genius he has by pushing the envelope instead of reminding of what I've already heard. And the blond dancer hits it! I'm glad to see her gettin more work. xoxoxo
AOS's picture

considering the fact that Drake can seem to write better songs for R&B artists (A Keys' "Unthinkable"), for him to sound like this on his own songs is a shame. I gotta agree with the consensus. I think he's just another label puppet who could be doing so much more than what he is and we'll probably never see his true potential before he's swept under the rug as another rap fling.
nIANja909's picture

What a f***ing waste of potential this song is. It contains such a sick beat / intro in the chorus. Right when the beat drops during the "What am I doin, What am I doin. Oh yeh that's right I'm doin me". That's a dope beat. Then the song just goes downhill. Chorus is mediocre. Rest of the beat is mediocre. Drake is mediocre. They shudda looped those like, 5 seconds of the chorus and made it an instrumental and maybe I'd be able to put up with it lol. And he needs to stop tryna spit like Dead Prez, he's like a terrible hollywood remake, ruining a good original.
Larissa's picture

i really agree with Lonewriter. if anyone has listened to drakes Room For Improvement mixtape there is a hugh difference in style and subject matter , his reallly old songs from like 2006 are actually very good, and have more meaning behind them. but i am never really going to be a drake fan he def took the more commercialized route , to the point where no one can really have a feeling for him and who he really is. this video was done well and slightly more creative than most , as for the lyrics were ... not impressive, especially when u are a die hard lupe fan, listening to this is like w.e. lol p.s. why does drake and alll his fans think that "first name-greatest , last name -ever" line is hot, its not its not original , just stupid.
Lonewriter's picture

I gotta agree with TD Brooks and J-Day on that one Mazi. The song is alright, but I have heard many a song that are very much so like this one. It is no where near Lupe calibur. Its just simply a good song by Drake, nothing more. By the way, I'm not hating I like Drake. Like ALT and Brannu said, he has the potential to be very good still. Young Money and Cash Money have kind of misused that potential to create an apprentice for Wayne. I will say that he is the best one to come from either label. I might even go so far to say he is tons better than Wayne himself... or at least he has the potential. If you listen to Drake in his interviews, he sounds like a really smart dude. I just think he is being pigeonholed by his label, like a lot of other artist, into making mediocre music, when he could do so much better
Alty2Cold667's picture

I very much enjoy the song, and the video goes nicely with it as well, but I would like to see Drake make a meaningful song. He raps about possessional items most of the time, and maybe that is influenced by YM cuz that's what most is rapped about from their artists. I think Drake is a better artist than he is letting people see at the moment. On the song "Fear" he tried to connect with people and does so from time to time in other songs, but has not had a song to really make him stand out other than just making good music. I enjoy the Drake songs, from his raps to his singing, but I would like to see him have more meaningful lyrics. Big fan of Drake even though I haven't been able to make the personal connection with him yet that other artists have made.
pipvK's picture

The beat is dope it's simple yeah. Video's really good, lyrics are OK, I quite like it.
Brannu's picture

Not a bad video, actually I really like it. The song is just above average, I put it on a lot of playlist; personally I think doing songs with Young Money and Birdman has watered him down a lot, they sort of put his talent to misuse so this song was sort of putting you back on track to what Drake's music should really sound like. Drake isn't as great as he was made out to be in 09 but he's one of the new hip-hop acts that could change the game.
NeverBeenALoser's picture

The Song straight. Nothing special, lyrically. Boi1da a monster on the Beat. IT outshines the actual song.
tigersforlife6767's picture

Damn Lupe has class. I wish Drake would have chosen the road of underground instead of instant success. Drake should have sided with Lupe instead of Wayne FNF UP! NO YOUNG MONEY!!
Adrian's picture

its only one song it is good but i heard better
TD Brooks's picture

Woow MAZI, You definitely need to pump your breaks hard there bud… I don't know if you were on anything when you listened to this song and wrote that comment, but for you to say that this mediocre track rivals Lupe's lyrical prowess on any level is honestly stomach turning for me and many others i'm sure…
J Day's picture

Mazi... This does not rival Lupe on any legitimate scale whatsoever especially lyrical. Call me a hater, I hate drake. Such a sell out. Lupe is the opposite of drake. This video has some cool style elements to it but the song is nothing special... or original.
Mazi's picture

kronical's a hater... this track is dope. def rivals lupe on a lyrical scale, but styles differ so its hard to compare on who's really better
Kronical's picture

I can teach you how to speak my language; Rosetta Stone. That's the only good line.
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Filthy McNasty's picture

INSANE...i love it

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