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Janelle Monae - "Tightrope" ft. Big Boi [Music Video]

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Busy's picture
on April 06, 2010

Are you up on Janelle Monae yet? If not get familiar @ here official site here.


Eric Snowden's picture

Love Janelle.
Killa211's picture

that was cute! i loved it! :D
CrzyTee90's picture

Its got that James Brown theme and feel. This is reall tight
Akday's picture

Glad others are feeling this! Been rockin this something serious lately!
Mr. Feelgood's picture

whoa i smell new dance craze lol
DENIM.MOUZON's picture

"I tip on alligators and little rattle snakers But I'm another flavor Something like a terminator Ain't no equivocating I fight for what I believe Why you talkin' bout it" -SO DAMN ILL I MEAN HONESTLY...
DENIM.MOUZON's picture

THAT'S CRAZzyyy. I was just sayin how ill this video and song is....
L-D's picture

This is a chooon!!!
spiffykidd's picture

Gl1tch's picture

Nice moves

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