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New Music: Estelle - "Freak" [Produced by David Guetta]

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Busy's picture
on February 26, 2010

New sound for Estelle. What y'all think?


ExposingTheWicked's picture

lupe went igno people... it's like i'm the one whining -.-
BritPratt's picture

her 1st album was great! i think she's lost her touch...her first album had meaning. i dont really like this song
Droolin's picture

Seppy's picture

american boy is soooooo much better than this
FullMetalFdot's picture

I think it's a dope ass club joint. I dig the House/Trance elements fused in. I sense a hit.
gritsneggs's picture

Estelle-"Freeze" {Produced by Timbaland}
Hash-Kal's picture

Club wannabe.....time to start gettin some fresh new trax in da club
Kensky's picture

Fucking horrible, why would you even promote this club garb Lu?
ExposingTheWicked's picture

she teaches girls how to be "freaky" and embrace their ho facade of fake love.. why you even postin this shi on this site? "atlantic wants me to" SMH sTART FCKING FOLLOWING THE LASERS MANIFESTOOOOOOOOOOo IT SAYS.. WE WANT TO MAKE OUR OWN THOUGHTSSSSSSSSSS -.-
ExposingTheWicked's picture

filthy hooker,
SarcasticleeOdd's picture

That was f*n seizure inducing. Ughhh!! Thanx for sending to the white light and returning me back 3mins later.
Tomiwa's picture

i remember wen estelle had substance...
sweetalyse's picture

this is sumthin i would exercise to, lol!
Nickelz-n-Dimez's picture

Good dance song! I'd rock this..
Braxt's picture


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