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Kanye West - Coldest Winter

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Busy's picture
on February 23, 2010

Kanye's latest video. What y'all think?


Hasan's picture

I kinda stopped listenin to kanye. He said in his latest freestyle that he sold his soul to the devil.
jbgary110's picture

all i have to say is why now? 808's came out mad long ago, he hasnt started working on a new album already? If not, then i feel bad for him cuz he's still stuck on the whole singing thing...
Eagleztothegrave's picture

This was ok, but it was very confusing...
bigmarv's picture

I'm still wondering what Kanye is on... lol. Karo that was like the first thing I noticed. Video was out there though.
unspokenword88's picture

Agreed with SLR819 and JermiahD that this video runs deeper than your surface demonic stuff.... kanyes definitely sold out....
KARO's picture

its funny how they keep filming her boops jumping up and down...looks like it hurts haha
FullMetalFdot's picture

F dot - Trillmatic
FullMetalFdot's picture

This video is dope!!! The visuals are amazing. Kudos to Nabil
Hash-Kal's picture

I think the idea is fresh, some sort of viking norse mytholgical scenary with a fairy tale like story....a bit new....not bad...fnf Lupe all the way!
Jeremiah D's picture

i dont get the video but the creepy-ness reminds me that he sold his soul
indigo_2's picture

It's not my favorite video of Kanye's. Like a lot of his fans, I miss the original Kanye we all grew to love.
SLR819's picture

wow...i wonder how many people know what this vid/song is really about. smh
Jackpot's picture

Great Production on The Video - But It doesn't mesh well with the song in my opinion. The Video almost comes across as a Movie Trailer.
muyricosuave's picture

ill humor exposing the wicked what is the symbolism oh enlightened one?

All you need now are videos for Say You Will and Bad News and you'll have a video for every song on 808s. Kanye West - "Good Ass Job" - Coming later this year
LittleWeapon_3's picture

Kanye, needs to come back with something 5 times better than 808's. i did enjoy the cd, but, I gave up listening to it once i found My college Dropout and LR. All Falls down, Breathe in Breathe out, Crack music and, Diamonds; to Coldest Winter? We aren't feelin it Kanye. but, if you aren't doing it for us, cool, more power to you, but as long as you put stuff on the market for us to buy, stick with your Arrogant drive that brought us all to Respect and Love your music in the first place.
Kingj56's picture

Wow he went from Rap to WTF. I cant say u cant try something new but IMO i liked Kanye when he was on the real rap shit. "I say fuck the police thats how i treat'em we buy our way out of jail but we cant buy freedom" -Kanye thats the real Kanye if you ask me
ZK's picture

too much autotune.
gritsneggs's picture

who remembers this kanye joint??
FNF_2's picture

i miss thee mixtape days and college dropout and late registration. and i guess graduation...somewhat
DeDeWasSHeRE's picture

Idk if Kanye sold his soul but idc he's still talented and thats on him if he did. I still like his music but dont agree with the concept of this video yes I understand it but come on this is very demonic and creepy. But hey Kanye you still making them hits come back man stop hiding lOl. Lupe you still the man tho
CMorris's picture

I also agree with Keyon about tellin Kanye to go back to rappin, singing is definately not his thing
CMorris's picture

i dont really understand the video when it comes to the song, but I think the main thing i was payin attention to was...the same as most of the other guys that watched this video...the special effects
chippie's picture

Anyone recognize the sample from Tears for Fears??
baseball320's picture

basically this is a vid of that girls lovlies and kanye happens to be singing in teh back round
JohnPerez718's picture

i love the song...the cd versoin. this video version wasnt terrible, but it wasnt that great... the video had some cool effects (besides the camera staring directly at the girls boobs) but i woulda called this Tim Burton's Coldest Winter..
Lukorz's picture

Keyon's picture

The video is visually striking and the beat is dope. But the song sucks! Lupe, please tell Kayne to start rapping again and stop singing. he can't sing or hold a note for shit!
jmllmj8606's picture

Sick vid. It kinda captures the whole feel of the 808's and Heartbreaks CD. That whole CD is a bleak experience, but it came out at a perfect time in my life..I remember hearing "Bad News" and thinking that Kanye was reading my mind..And if you havent already I recommend you check out the "Welcome to Heartbreak" vid too.
Sarah Singer's picture

Cool ass video, it looks like a crazy video game


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