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B.o.B. Talks Lupe Collabo

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  • B.o.B. Talks Lupe Collabo
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    February 19, 2010

    Rising star B.o.B talks about his upcoming Lupe collabo on his forthcoming album.

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on February 19, 2010

Rising star B.o.B talks about his upcoming Lupe collabo on his forthcoming album.


Gl1tch's picture

ROFLMFAO!!! So if Lupe thinks he's good then it's good enough for you DKPRITTS? So if Lupe liked to listen to the Jonas Brothers and went on tour with them, you would too? You're such a dickrider agreeing with everything he does. I mean there's some pretty awful tracks being posted on this site right now, but i guess you must love them since they're on here. Idiot.
bigmarv's picture

Gotta be a hard collabo!
gritsneggs's picture

Lupe & B.o.B Armwrestling at WGCI radio station lmfao: . Peep the part where the camera zooms in on Lupe's shades lol.
SarcasticleeOdd's picture

Looking forward to the collab. a moment to be seen and heard.
Dante_2's picture

That dream collab sounds dope.Btw B.o.B and Lupe on same track = win.
gritsneggs's picture

who things Big Nay is better than B.o.B??? JAMMIN ON YA BACK!!!!
PeaceSign's picture

haha B.o.B's Dream Collab would be dope. that has to happen.
DkPritts's picture

Glitch, you're an idiot. If Lupe stopped the kid in the hall and asked him to get on track with him, He must be dope. B.O.B is an amazing rapper. They're even going on a small tour together in April.
Gl1tch's picture

Ehh... Lupe by himself is good enough. No need to make these other rappers look worse than they already are by collaborating.
ETHER88's picture

DE, did you just say lil wayne and tip? NO WAY. lil wayne is garbage , check this. LUPE, CUDI, AND BOBBY RAY, dopest thing ever.
JohnB23's picture

Yea B.o.B. seems like somebody Lupe would get wit. but i think Lupe should get wit some of the XXL freshman that would be UBER DOPE!!! Maybe Fashawn, XV, or J.Cole or somebody. I would say wiz khalifa, but i dont know if i really can imagine Lupe rappin with some guy who smokes weed sooo much. Dont get me wrong though he does make great music. and so does cudi, cant forget about him
De's picture

they should get together but i think it would dope for lupe fiasco,lil wanye,and T.I that would the dopest thing eva lik real tlk!!!!!
KidCastro's picture

there is a rumor on wikipedia. it say lupe was killed today in australia. lupe u need to clear that up for ur fans. this cant be true. we luv u.
LinksIronBapes's picture

imogen heap. good looks bobby ray.
LetsGetLasersPlatinum's picture

Please check out this new movement:
Thalilbigkahuna's picture

Yessir!! I've been waiting for this to happen. And that dream collab would be crazy.
chican06's picture

hm.. nice :o..
RealisticallyME's picture

oooh that's going to be interesting
Decan Rush's picture


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