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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2010

    Today Lupe is traveling to New Zealand for the launch of the tour, but leave your b-day wishes below!


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on February 16, 2010

Today Lupe is traveling to New Zealand for the launch of the tour, but leave your b-day wishes below!



nikki_3's picture

Love your artistry happy birthday!
LupeD@Truth's picture

Happy Birthday Lu, Good wishes and what not Just Do what it Do.
breil's picture

happy birthday Lupe. i cant wait for Laser!
Mikey P's picture

happy birthday lu keep doin what your doin , your unbelievable
Noa The Ruler's picture

The Coolest nigga what? Happy Birthday Never Failure Keep on Shining and keep on Beaming like a LASER on that Food and Liquor flow ;)
Wade's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe, Best Wishes from Taiwan. Peace.
NickJ's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!! I hope God continues to bless you to see many more years just like you bless all of us TRUE fans with good music & sick lyrics. [FNF UP all day!]
Daydreamer_2's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! Hope you have a great day! Looking forward to seeing your L.A.S.E.R.S tour in Australia!!
G. Hall's picture

deli dell's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!!!! hope you enjoy your day and many more to come!!!
meggray11's picture

happy birthday! hope its great! hope to see you on tour in CALGARY!!!
Lauren's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! So thankful for your life and talents! God bless you in New Zealand and I hope to see you in San Francisco during the tour. If not, I'll just have to fly where you are! Have a joyful day :)
StreetsAreLupe's picture

Happy Bday bra
cliffside's picture

happy birthday lu. god bless and hope you live to see many more. :)
Lexcorp1516's picture

Happy Bday Lupe! Wish you many more! Keep up the hits man the game needs you!
Catch14's picture

happy birthday man. hope ya enjoy ya self
Unique B.'s picture

Happy birthday Lupe! It's my friend's birthday too! Two of my fav people have the same birthday! No coincidence... except he's half your age haha
Nailah_Marie's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!!!!! Hope its amazing ^_^
AMANDLA's picture

Salamu aleikum to you dear brother, may Allah's infinite peace always be with you, and may He strengthen you physically and mentally, so you can fully achieve the beautiful reLOVution you have undertaken. You truly are a man of (your) word, and words definitely have the power to inspire the minds. You shine, and so do we all. One love, and happy birthday. The best is still to come, i believe.
dhines2491's picture

happy birthday Lupe! BEST RAPPER ALIVE!
Moonwalk Eternal's picture

Happy birthday Wasalu. Hope you have a great one. You're gonna stop by at San Diego during the tour, right? Looking forward to it. FnF Up!
Josh Maurice's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! Hope the start to your tour goes better than you hope and hopefully, when you get to the U.S., I can see you live! Can't wait to hear L.A.S.E.R.S !
Mariana_F's picture

Happy Birthday Wasalu!!! we trying to make #lasers a TT as a gift from the fansss! best rapper aliveee! love you!
itoljaso17's picture

Happy birthday Lupe! For the longest time I thought we had the same birthday (February 17) until I found out the truth :[ none-the-less have a very happy birthday, sir. Much love.
Chelle_3's picture

Happy Birthday, Lupe! Hoping you have a blessed day & many more to come! Looking forward to seeing you in Chi as the tour moves to the states.
KidCastro's picture

Salaam Lupe my brother, I wish u a happy birthday. May all your wishes come true. I hope we can hear L.A.S.E.R.S. soon!! We need more Lupe =)) Don't change and stay real!! We love you!! Have a great Birthday!!
brooklyn_09's picture

Happy Birthday Lu aka Best Rapper Alive and many more to come
kEDKFNAEOFO's picture

happy birthday love
Ph03niX's picture

But Most Importantly, enjoy yourself
Ph03niX's picture

Happy Birthday Lu! thank the man upstairs for another year. Please continue to move forward with your amazing work both large and small-scale. Also please continue to fight for your true fans because we love everything you do and don't let the industry turn you into what some of the others are getting into. Peace! We are Lasers!


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