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"I'm Beamin" Fan Video.

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Busy's picture
on February 17, 2010

This is dope! Love the fans. Directed & Edited by Jameel Saleem.


tapi's picture

this was great! hot shirt says "Hip Hop is bigger than the Government"
Kokey Dyan's picture

Love that vid!!!! Like the idea.... I think you should get him to do the official vid, same way, bigger scale! Can't wait to see you on Apr. 14 in Detroit!!! Love Ya Lup!!
bwil's picture

Love the vid- you can feel the love. Love guy in the beginning " they will, they will"
gritsneggs's picture

Lu speaks on people saying that this joint is too mainstream:
basstax's picture

Somebody needs to make a AMV(AnimeMusicVideo) to this using gurren laggan...that would go so hard
jmllmj8606's picture

Awesome vid, perfect timing at 3:47 "you can ride along"..
Eagleztothegrave's picture

This was a very intertaining video, and the girls were hot :) Love this song so much, can't wait for the whole album
G5's picture

cool vid, maybe use some of it if ur makin an official one
Aziz88's picture

Peace and Blessings my brother lupe, i just wanted to say that ur doing a hell of a job putting these great videos together. Keep striving brother. Peace and Blessings.
LabyrinthSATX's picture

Hey that video was super dope, love the different people and everyone feelin the music..much love homie
Dr. Steve's picture

COOL-DUDE's picture

was that 'Pink' in the video? lol
hatti's picture

Jameel's video should used as the official video for I'm Beamin lol....What a fantastic clip! Really well done!
Jovan's picture

Cool Vid, some beautiful babes in it too. LASERS Platinum, first week!!!!
nIANja909's picture

Yes, you love the fans so much you decide to cancel mixtapes and punish them for pirates leaking your music. VIdeo is stupid btw. How the hell does it have 5 stars?
jennifer_rae928's picture

I am loving this joint!
Sikh King's picture

That was hella tight. Wish i could have been in it. lol
vd's picture

Shits Hott..Check my link for twitter version of beamin..
nikki_3's picture

Myles Beam'in's picture

yes creative, this cool
DNoe's picture

Some smokin chicks in this video... =)
msasgen's picture

very creative love the mermaid costume
akilah's picture

I loved it! Pretty cool. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
De's picture

wow that was cool!!!!!
tiaundra's picture

LOVED IT!! That was really cute!!!
real hiphop 101's picture

this is hard !
RealisticallyME's picture

that was cool!

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