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Note To All Music Blogs...

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  • Note To All Music Blogs...
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    February 10, 2010

    The "What You Want" track that has leaked out is an unfinished version. Patience is a virtue. At least let us finish the songs.

    At Rehearsals for the "Steppin' Laser Tour" kicking off in Australia next week...Playing "Lasers" for first time in its entirety for the band.

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Lupe Fiasco's picture
on February 10, 2010

The "What You Want" track that has leaked out is an unfinished version. Patience is a virtue. At least let us finish the songs.

At Rehearsals for the "Steppin' Laser Tour" kicking off in Australia next week...Playing "Lasers" for first time in its entirety for the band.


MizShuffles's picture

Welcome to Australia....Sound Safari, Melbourne: Lasers Live......MUST GO!! Currently busting my guts to get to the show Friday, but alas, funds are so low :( MUST GO! MUST SEE THE LASERS SHOW JUST SO I CAN HEAR LUPE'S FLO!!! Sorry for the caps, but as a Lupe fan, I'm sure you'll underdstand the desperation and enthusiasm expressed above :)
rapfeen420's picture

all i know is lupe is one of my top mcees he never fails to impress me i listen to his music anyway i can get it cuz no matter what i cop not one but two of evey one of his cds one to use and one to save in my collection cuz thats how you are supposed to do it when it comes to real rappers the ones who can really feel it
Blackstar100's picture

Lupe Fiasco-What U Want a very nice song didnt want to hear it this way..but hey i couldnt resist and no this does not sound like somethin Kid Cudi would write ...Kudi be on the High life Buzz ish...Lupe just makes straight forward music he would tell you an story no matter how he spits
zahra_2's picture

I know we're all fans of Lupe's and we want to hear his music, whether it be an unreleased track, a "leaked" track, or anything else we've heard before. But the one thing we should avoid is feeding into the "leaked track" phenomenon that seems to interest us so much (myself included). But lets chill, we should wait, the anticipation for the album is sure to pay off greatly. I mean, has Lu disappointed us thus far? Exactly! I haven't personally listened to "What U Want", but if its anything like "I'm Beamin" or "Shining Down" it'll be great. Besides, and I'm sure yall would agree with me, I wouldn't want one of my favorite artists frustrate themselves over containing a track leak that is out of hand, and a repetition of past events (F&L). One more thing, comparing Lu to Cudi AINT COOL! They're both talented beyond belief in their own respect and have a legion of fans because of that. We should appreciate that Lupe is diversifying his music portfolio, and not berate for trying something new. A Jay-Z line comes to mind as I write this: "N****s want my old shit, Buy my old album" I dont know if thats what Lu is thinking right about now, but it damn sure is appropriate :P Peace
Doggy007's picture

I'm no journalist or anything but im probably gonna wait till i get the album before reviewing me crazy. Lupe is 2 for 2 so far and the snippets i have heard are leading me to believe hes gonna be 3 for 3. Dunno bout this retirement bullshit though...Lets say i sign a contract...then "Retire" for a substantial amount of time...then comeback...would i be held to the same contract or would i be a free agent as long as i fulfill the requirements of "Retirement"? I thought that was what Game was trying to do to break outta those g-unit shackles and that raping-you records contract he signed but i guess it didnt work?....or maybe he did it wrong considering hes dumb as fuck? Either way i cant figure it out... Lu's in his prime and in his 20's..he steps away to become a garbage man for a few years hes gonna eventually come back but whether or not hell still be in form is the question...maybe Ma$e knows.
Braxt's picture

The problem is your not only the one of the last artist representing real hip-hop but you the best on the scene. Ppl have been waiting for years for this album and now that its almost here ppl dont know how to handle it. Leaks or no leaks L.A.S.E.R.S.= ALBUM OF THE YEAR just my prediction
J0shie's picture

I just want to say that i think it's shit you're coming to australia and not coming to Brisbane...And your going to Adelaide? sorry man, I LOVE your music and i saw you at BDO 2009 and it was amazing, just wish you would come back
nIANja909's picture

Sounds pretty lame so far, whatever step of production it's in. I doubt even with a lot of revamping you could make it a dope track. Then again, that seems to be the theme with every track I've heard released off Lasers so far.
Doggy007's picture Friend of the people?
autobot's picture

MontrealMan's picture

Man I love Lupe man, the dude is dope! But sh1t man, I'm not feeling these Kid Cudi-like tracks man. I like the meaning behind the songs but i'm beaming and what you want won't make me want to buy the album. If I want to buy a Kid Cudi album i'll buy a Kid Cudi album. So far Lasers is not sounding like a Lupe album at all and i'm not too happy about that. Yo Lupe, you said you didn't want to make Enemy of the State too dope cuz it's not an album. Well what the hell... your friggin album don't even sound like an album. And i'm not even hating, I just want my Lupe Crack! i Know that only 2 or 3 tracks only leaked so far and I don't want to generalize but it seems that based on what we see as far as Laser's creative direction goes this is a Kid Cudi album. Lupe is trying to expand and I respect that, but not if he no longer cares about his core audience. Lupe should be happy that he's getting honest opinions about his work in progress. It's cool though, if Lasers ends up being a Kid Cudi album i'll still have his old material to listen to I guess, so it's cool. But I am fairly positive now that I will be majorly disspointed in Lasers.
firmfiasco's picture

Listen and download the song here:
Blackstar100's picture

Phil_4's picture

which date is the release of the album? especially here in germany? does anyone knows something about that??
Jovan's picture

Sucks that the track leaked, but there is no doubt Lasers going platinum in its first week no matter what...I dig the minimal sound of "What You Want" thou...sounds like Cudi could feature on it. CANT WAIT FOR LASERS!!!!
Tempermentalist's picture

Yoo wtf, why are your tracks constantly being leaked? You seriously need to check with your staff, and stop sending your tracks through E-MAILS!! Most likely someone has all your E-mail informations...
runxthatxbg's picture

im buying the album as a gift for all 3 of my bro"s idc if it leaks 8 times.. lupe is the greeastest rapper EVER.!
Lance's picture

I'd rather wait for Lupe to finish it before spoiling it. Anyways I'll be there in Sydney to catch the gig (as we did last year) so maybe we'll get a personalised sneak peak. Lupe you are incredible to watch, as is the whole band. Also Lupe, please please play 'And he gets the girl' for us...we all love that track
702City's picture

How are these songs even getting leaked? My friend Aalim told me about the leak... I want to get Lasers Right Now but if it's not done, don't go disrespecting Lupe and leaking his shit. The song is still hot in my opinion. The beat is so smooth and I'm smiling throughout the whole track just making me want the album even more. Don't download the songs! Buy the album and support Lupe Fiasco.
Peezy's picture

Even If your Whole album is leaked I'm Still Gonna Buy it
Justice Rhymez's picture

i wish people would jus wait 4 the album, yeah it was a dope track but jus wait and buy the album
BBoyMugen's picture

damn yo seriously if u feelin lu's shit then stop with all the sneak peaks damn
the coolest_4's picture

still awesome track! cant wait for LASERS!!!!!
Theboywonder's picture

The tour better hit tempe! And release lasers in the next 2 months! I've been bumping I'm Beamin and i need more!
MonochromeStunt323's picture

Wtf, MORE LEAKS? Man, Lasers is never getting dropped and we won't see anymore mixtapes either...people jst cant be patient. (Ok, so a little over-dramatic, but STILL! Even I'm getting pissed with the leaks now and it ain't my shit that's being stolen).
luisbrm10's picture

like the beat like the lyrice ....dislike the chorus that need to be changed
Hibbs12's picture

It sounds like something Cudi would do, but its still crazy. I think everyone just needs to appreciate Lupe and realize that posting his unreleased tracks all over the internet is ignorant and disrespectful. Lasers is going to be sick and it's clear that Lupe is the definition of our generation.
Noa The Ruler's picture

I'm glad that the song is unfinished. It seemed like you could have sang it better. @JohnPerez718 I believe it's up to the record label to set the release date. I hope it gets released March or April.
JohnPerez718's picture

well i agree that it is truly FUCKED UP that people keep leaking ur tracks... but i gotta say..the track is hot!! my personal favorite so far.. u really got to set a release date bro...People are starting to get impatient.. i've always been a fan Lu...& i really want some new music homie..
YTravillian's picture

Even unfinished that joint is HOT!


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