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'Summit On The Summit' Trailer

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Busy's picture
on February 10, 2010

Airs March 14th @ 9:00pm on MTV. Don't miss it!


grimreaper24_7's picture

This crisis needed to be addressed, those who cared stepped up. Much respect!
jessfiasco's picture

This is something that Im definitely lookin foward to watchin!
JCutie's picture

I've followed up w/ this but Im still watching the airing. Congrats again!!!
Lil_Miss_Music's picture

yes.... very very inspiring! speechless. cant wait to witness...
stevenannis's picture

i think its pretty cool what they are doing..its better influence on the public than just throwing cash out..they are taking time out there career and putting being famous on pause..and its not the everyday thing .
Thalilbigkahuna's picture

That's cool. I want to see the whole documentary. And that stretching was pretty gangsta.
RealisticallyME's picture

@ BeeBee7 Well you know they were out their norm, so I expected them to go through some kind of turbulence. Climbing a mountain ain't no joke you know what I'm saying. Everything changes at a higher altitude.
beebee7's picture

oh man they definitely were tweeting about that but I didn't know they had to go thru all of thatthat
RealisticallyME's picture

"This gangsta stretching" lol I can't wait to watch this and once again congratulations!

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