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Dan Black Feat. Kid Cudi - "Symphonies" Remix [Music Video]

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Busy's picture
on February 09, 2010

Dope. What y'all think?


NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

lupe and kudi should go on tour together. tht would be the best ever
NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

i cant sop watchin this was a great collab. dan black set this one off wit tht hook
indigo_2's picture

I like it a lot. Cudi steals my heart every time I see him :)
TheEvanHafner's picture

This shit is so tight. So different from whats already out there.
Thalilbigkahuna's picture

Coolest video I've seen in a while.
Cxroline's picture

This is amazing. Love Kid Cudi, i hope he knows he's a pretty awesome individual. but im wondering why, they decided to put the umbrella hook on it? other than that..the video..sooo retroo
BritPratt's picture

vid is dope!!! very different...and i LOVED it!!!
stevenannis's picture

ya i think lupe needs to go on a track with cudi ..i just love both there styles and the way they piece together music
Kingj56's picture

lol i love the Danny Darko scene that movie kicked ass and this video is kicks ass too.
Ivy Perkins's picture

that is the drums from umbrella
muyricosuave's picture

the drums sound kinda like the umbrealla remix. . .just sayin. the song is hot tho
CheckPlz's picture

perfect match with the beat..........
Illmatic_one's picture

this is pretty balla wish cudi had a bigger part but it aint his song so......lupe u and cudi need to hit up a single together instant classic!
music.i.LIVE's picture

love this song and kid cudi
NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

i love kid cudi. i did his song pursuit of happiness over. mad respect for the kid
kokocrs's picture

KiD CuDi is too damn cool for me. This rocks on a degree I'm not even ready for.

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