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Lupe Fiasco Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays

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Busy's picture
on February 04, 2010

Footage from Lu's recent stop at Tony Touch's Shade45 radio show.


kiwilolalove's picture

love it your better than most of the rappers out!!! Real talent
ladykrump's picture

lyrical G-E-N-I-U-S
MaRTY007McFLY's picture

FNF like we never left! yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!
nita's picture

i love it
Des'da etc.'s picture

this is badd.--his real talented (:
andret's picture

all his freestyles are FIRE lol
platan0's picture

nasty! drop the album already!!!!
Jovan's picture

everything is real none of this risidual... im like burger king, no beef tho.. im street tho, no heat thou.. TOO EASY FOR LUPE
ImagineThat's picture

Kind of feel bad for him. He seems so uninterested in being tested, and I don't blame him. It's like you know his capabilities and know he can pop the mind blowing when he's into it, but he's half assing cause he doesn't want to. But then again, every station wants the exclusive freestyle for the ratings so, he knows it comes with the territory. Kudos sir...
EsoLazer's picture

LOL!! yo Lu that shit was mad funny lol. I bet u hate it when ppl still put u on tha spot for freestyles lol I could tell u was lo key drawin a blank lol good enough i give it about an 8 lol artists need pen and pad anyway
MontrealMan's picture

Freestyle is DOPE! Yo Lupe, I wanna hear you on a track with Papoose man! Both of u dudes is crazy lyricists and both got sick ass flows If album not coming this quarter or before middle of next you need to release a mixtape dude. Lil wayne dropped mad mixtapes, not much of a fan, but he did and judging from album sales he did not saturate the market in the process. If he can do it you surely can, am I wrong?
DaCloak AKA ThaOne's picture

My man Lu forever beasting out whether its freestyle or written. Big ups to Lu and the hommie tony touch.
Iv4N's picture

daam dude mad smooth
Me3's picture

Dam even off the head your nice Lupe :D check out my music on myspace and tell me what you think
NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

he's PURE GENIUS. thats wat that
peppermint_deezi's picture

haha lupe fiasco that's what's up!!
Lyrix's picture

wow...I rhymed "everything" & "dairy queen" in one my joints as well. "Great minds..."
NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

haha seein Lu rap bout cars is sooo weird cuz he def step out of his zone on that But this went hard tho. it was funny cuz he didn kno his

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