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Lupe Fiasco Halts New Mixtape Because Of Recent Leaks

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  • Lupe Fiasco Halts New Mixtape Because Of Recent Leaks
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    January 30, 2010

    Lu talks to MTV news about halting the release of FRIEND OF THE PEOPLE.

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on January 30, 2010

Lu talks to MTV news about halting the release of FRIEND OF THE PEOPLE.


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Seriously WTF, not to Lu, but to those who keep F***ing it up for everyone else. Art can't be rushed, and it shoudn't be anyways. Allow the details to be seamlessly included as it would allow for a dope track. Good things come to those who wait, and better things come to those who take the time to invest fully in themselves....meaning...stop leaking and let him work....
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Lupe is a kool with whatever discision he makes it's bound 2 reap gud fruits. He is a talent and very smart artist. ive been listening 2 oldskool LU and like ARADI ive been listening 2 other artist as well in the same genre like mos def, pharrell, talib qwali and q-tip and drizzy drake. i just just feast for lyrics and can't wait 2 see what these artist do next. oh and im a new member watup everybody lol
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on one hand business is business but on the other hand how to you keep up business ......keeping the consumers happy although this will not affect sales much it leaves a bad taste in my mouth
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I'm a big Lupe fan, but too much Lupe music out? Dude has released an album in 3 years! And one mix-tape in that period. One song gets leaked and he's pressing the emergency shut down button on everything! Like someone said before, it's not the fans who leaked his music, why should we get punished for it and not get the new mixtape?
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Er... Uhm. What? I kinda didn't understand what it meant. But whatever, I been using this time listening to other artist's and it'll be good for comparison when his stuff comes out, rather than an overdose of Lupe's music.
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the fans didnt leak his songs i personally was looking forward 2 friend of the people...but i still trust in lupe... we are lazers
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lulz, this nigga.
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Its a shame when you hear these people mad as heck as if he owes us something. No. He didn't promise us it. Music costs money to produce. Its a business and when it isn't profitable, like all other businesses, you stop producing it. Enemy was to promote lasers if I'm not mistaken and it did that. Beaming even more so. E.o.t.S length was perfect in my opinion.
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