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*UPDATE* - "I'm Beamin" Record

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  • *UPDATE* - "I'm Beamin" Record
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    January 13, 2010

    Lu's new track "I'm Beamin" off the new album LASERS hits iTunes, Tues. 1/26. Mark your calendars!

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Busy's picture
on January 13, 2010

Lu's new track "I'm Beamin" off the new album LASERS hits iTunes, Tues. 1/26. Mark your calendars!


dabest67's picture

lasers needs to come out asap ...tired of listnin to EOTS (enemy of the state)
Tsunami38's picture

I can't wait i need it now i need the album pronto
Taurus1978's picture

This my new theme song. Lupe need to drop LASERS now!
JemElevate's picture

Veryyy nice... I had no idea Lupe could *sang* like that... :) Time to let your wings free ehhh...
Dhanta2010's picture

i heard this wen it came out on christmas eve but that version i heard was coo but this one is way better.! prod The Neptunes btw.. cant wait for the album Lupe.!
RealisticallyME's picture

I'm Beamin..cheya =)
EcraM's picture

im beamin
Ibn's picture

YO YO YO Lasers? OR just Im beamin??
Nurback's picture

CD's cover is simply clever :D
NwaBiafra's picture

feeling the sweet cockyness, crazy, tight delivery when's my album comming Lupe???
DP42's picture

release date for lasers? i cant wait already!
N3rdgurl11's picture

very nice...cant wait til the album comes out
zainab's picture

JARH's picture

andret's picture

.....If you dnt drop lasers....ughhhhhhhhhh.the waiting is killin me
Rendell's picture

Balto's picture

i thought new album is coming out late 2009, and now this track is coming out 1/26?? that means album is at least a month and probably even more away..
ParkerTNewhart's picture

yessir. everyone gotta buy it. no downloadin for free. artists deserve respect and downloading it isnt showing any respect. Lupe definitly deserves respect so buy it dont download.
Steff23's picture

YESSSSS!!!!!!!! das wtf Im talkin bout I been watin on dis for a hot min.
Verze of The ill-E-Gents's picture

"Me on my black man from the Future shit... Call me Willy Dee" Yep... he's back.. and definitely supporting.. My favorite MC of ALL-TIME... point blank period
Enphaymous's picture

ah yes most def supporting! soo ready for the lasers album to drop!
warriorprincess's picture

E-Sleezy's picture

Straight Headwork Lu!!!!
Reyminisce's picture

niceee!!!!!!!, can't wait for album
Brannu's picture

Awesome this is gonna be a special treat especially since I stopped listening to anything related to Lasers that wasn't officially released by the Lu himself. Okay now I'm really getting hyped again.
DENIM.MOUZON's picture

damn, second verse.... WOWZERS!
Layla's picture

I can't wait for it to drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big up for the Kilimunjaro, I wanted to join so bad.
no.body's picture

DtheArtist's picture

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Victor_3's picture

This means Lasers is actually coming out this year, right?


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