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Music Video: Slum Village - Da Night

on December 22, 2009

Fantastic Vol 2.10, coming January 12th.

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Kobe, Lebron & Lupe?

on December 20, 2009

Diss of the year? Haha!

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on December 17, 2009

Classic N-A-S. One of the FNF crew's favorite records of all time.

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Favorite Verse/s This Year?

on December 16, 2009

Angels - Dirty Money [Official Remix] ft. Lupe Fiasco

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
I see, diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through
Windows up, system bumping, you the one they sang to
Same two, who said they the ones you should send your thanks through
Pockets full of blessings, they can sanctify and saint you
You can hear 'em revving up in heaven now, can't you?
Sandals made of chrome, his soul made of leather
An engine full of sinning and, candy painted feathers
The sound of the motor only reverend you confess to
I see this all in the eyes of