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on August 05, 2011

The Dispatch...

I went out and visited with the collateral damage today. It says "Hi" and that everything is great. The optimism of the collateral damage knows no bounds and should be applauded for its lack of even a hair of despair. Upon the first sight of me the collateral damage exploded into thunderous applause. It shot headfirst into cheering and a pleasant albeit foreign whistling that filled the air with the audible scent of sweet daisies, a strange description I suspect most would reach if one were to try to find a comparable sensation in the realm of flora. 

I was literally

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The Times...An Excerpt From A "Work In Progress"

on August 04, 2011


The Times…


Stepping out into the square the first thing noticed is the emptiness. Odd because the square is crawling with people. It is at maximum capacity. It is full. The emptiness is not the lack of objects but the lack of substance. The lack of purpose. Odd again because the square is full of things to do. It is bustling with all forms of entertainment and engagement. It is full of purpose. The dual nature of the square leads one to cancel out attempts at identifying the true nature of the square because at once it is undefinable and also defines itself thoroughly.

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Lupe on MTV2's 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield

on July 29, 2011

Lupe Fiasco talks about how his father's involvement with the Black Panthers influenced his childhood and music. MTV2's 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield premieres Saturday, July 30 at 1am ET. Don't miss it!

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Behind The Scenes: Out Of My Head [Video]

on July 15, 2011

Watch the exclusive behind the scenes feature for Lu's latest video "Out Of My Head." Lasers in stores now!