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Busy's picture Pardon The Introduction - Al Shux

on December 05, 2009

Head over to to read up on the UK's newest hit producer Al Shux. He is responsible for producing Jay-Z's first #1 single "Empire State Of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys. Lupe fans might remember his first production score with "Hi Definition" ft. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear off THE COOL album. Be on the lookout for more Al Shux production in your ears, early next year!

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Lupe Spits Bars On

on December 04, 2009

Lu took it to the OKP boards last night for some fun in the "Jay Electronica VS. Lupe Fiasco PT.2" thread. See below...can you say spit hot fire? ouch....


the devils in the dealer, the poltergiest is in the pokerchips,
Game changer, I practice Iron Swan Song, Tiger Palm & Cobra Fist,
Go by many slang name's and sobriquets,
Asking me how many lines is in my mind is like asking how many fish can the ocean fit,
I set out to do the impossible like an open fist,
Achieve the unbelievable like throwing Open Pit,
The last line refers to flying saucers, 
A rhyming Chaucer who came from District 9

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Mikkey Halstead @ Leaders of the New Cool 12.2.9

on December 03, 2009

Peep the video above to watch Mikkey perform his new track "Gone" minus the verse from Lupe. We actually recorded Fiasco's verses, the same day we did the "Angels" remix, so you already know the zone Lu was in was ridiculous, expect a hot 16 coming soon. FNF UPpers!

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Assist Her, Daughters of Donia and Lupe Fiasco Foundation Create Empowerment Conference

on December 03, 2009

Chicago's south side Paul Robeson High School has developed quite the reputation lately for being labeled the school with one out of seven girls who are pregnant. But it turns out that the 115 Paul Robeson High School students reported as moms or moms-to-be aren't all moms, some are teenage fathers.

"Out of the 800 girls, 10 percent of those girls are in our program," Ms. Phillips, Parent Educator atPaul Robeson High School, said.

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on December 02, 2009

Kenna's story of how and why he started SUMMIT ON THE SUMMIT, the movement to raise awareness and bring clean water to those who need it. Learn more about Summit on the Summit and follow Kenna, Lupe, Jessica Biel and more as they prepare and actually climb the mountain.[via]