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majeed's picture

lupe you are my best
ZinSter's picture

Who the hell is Walking Flock of Lame? All? I know is my man Lupe yo! FNF UP!
rpuri's picture

Amazing songs on this album and you are the greatest rapper ever You raps are an inspiration to me in my everyday life Keep doing what you are doing and can't wait for your new album!
WaryaFiasco's picture

never forget you, Chillest song to listen to , props to skylar grey , amazing song The show goes on, love it ;D All black everything the most unique song i've ever heard before, kudos Pre-ordered Lasers already Lupe Fiasco greatest rapper currently Dueces
St.Laf's picture

I can't wait for your new album. You are amazing, don't ever change. I love your music, i listen to it everytime i need some encouragement, your words are strong and powerful, and they mean a lot.
kaka702's picture

mephisto73 yes of course. but why would you wanna know just enjoy the song.
mephisto73's picture

So was there permission used to borrow elements from Modest Mouse's "Float On"?
Realtalk_2's picture

Man dont ever stop. You are the master of the art. my seeds, seeds,seeds will love and respect your work. because it is real
tedra12's picture

When ever i listen to your music I know I'm getting someting out of it, your'e HIP-HOP, other artists like Soulja Boy, nahh thats just a different genre tryin to make a quick buck. I feel you are one the most over looked artist EVER, you speak the truth and i love it. you dont speak about shaking a@#! , drugs or alcohol. keep doing what your doing! i appreciate it so much.
calmeaj's picture

Lupe, THIS IS TRUTH. I have had favorite artists before but none who touch the soul and speak truth regardless of what "they" all do... I was a huge Pac and Wayne fan forever, and still am. I used to spin their shit and every gig but after finding you, the dude who cleared my view, they seem like shadows of a desirable past, or failed attempt like good conscience that just came and went. "THIS IS THE ARTIST I HAVE WAITED FOR MY WHOLE LIFE" Is what i said. The one who is gonna change the way people think and bring back feeling and love to making ALL KINDS OF music. Build the future with the gift you have, and keep given all of us the ONE VOICE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AS TRUTH... The ONE artist that has the ducks lined up no matter what they try and cover up.. you are the best, Never stop, US FANS WILL BE YOUR VEST. thats whats up Sincerely, ME.. US -Lupe, never change what you came here to do.. your an inspiration to a lot of people and thats the truth, now get back to the booth and let loose
Knucks80's picture

This is worth paying for. When Hip Hop is real you know that it's gonna sell. Keep that real shit coming!!!
A.K.A. No Flow's picture

Man please come to cleveland your music is good and truthful and even my dad appreciates! Cleveland would love you please perform here! ~Kendall~ A.K.A. No Flow
ILL WILL's picture

Glad your finally releasing the new album.Been a MINUTE!!!LOL. Keep up the good work~
winkdog's picture

so sickkk, cant wait for march 8th man. ply-wood pushers 4 life
Wearenotlosers's picture

not close enough to 3/8! keep doing your thing lupe~
urgreatestcYn's picture

3/8 wont get here fast enough...MAN....
The Great American Fiasco's picture

March 8th can't come soon enough, can't wait to get it. Keep doing your thing Lupe, you're easily one of the best out there right now..keep it going.
DrkNinja's picture

I am a hardcore metal-head and I love most all music but there are very few hip hop/ Rap songs I listen to, and Lupe is really the only artist I continue to be loyal too. Lupe you are the only true rapper left don't ever change that, everyone who was worth my time died or stopped making music. When Lupe spits rhymes he speaks about life and real ideals, not "yo i'm a thug check me out" Ex. in "Words I never said" he speaks about politics. Keep it up and I will continue to buy your albums. LASERS sounds amazing wonder if it will beat The Cool?
G code 3 music's picture

never heard 3 songs before that the beat comes so hard and kills the track!!!!!!
TooCool32's picture

lol.... didn't think it was possible to want this d any more but NEVER FORGET..... i love it
alvarezjedi's picture

Most talented man in on the hip hop / rap scene bar none. His secret?, I believe it's 50% talent and 50% heart for the world around him. Too many people focusing on what they can get, Lupe approaches music with a "what can I give" attitude. It's evident in his music, his style, and the behind the scenes life that he lives. Don't get me wrong - he lives the high life, and he should. But the high life isn't what makes him wake up in the morning.
joey0319's picture

mad love
lupe 3987's picture

why isnt shinin down on this album
FiascoSwag10's picture

Lupe is the best rapper alive... nobody even touches Lupe!!! Keep it up man!!
tonyliechty's picture

that is cool mankeep it up.


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