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runfast1995's picture

nice album now wheres CRS??
josh10g's picture

yo i see why you aint like it but you hadf some good songs on the track i blame atlantic records not you... come over to ATL soon
co_CHRIS_co's picture

Damn i luv this album......LUPE you seriously need to come tu CT!!!! ASAP
lilmanfun1's picture

May u please come to Albany Georgia we dont do lots of things down here but we like your music so please come
kc's picture

Portland wants to hear you live man!
alexander_2's picture

come out to PDX
alexander_2's picture

lupe you inspire me my dude
lupefanstl's picture

p.s. Lupe, u desperately need to come to the STL and rock out with your biggest fans. peace and much love to ya
lupefanstl's picture

LA-SER, best album i own. I Don't Wanna Care Right Now feat. MDMA is my new jam. well done, Lupe
Lil ZHE's picture

Lupe is the man. This is real hip hop. Tell it like it is my Brotha, preach.Ur the only rappers whose albums i will buy and support. Fuck all main stream rappers.
Bizarro1's picture

I Love the album man, your music always Helps me get by ....
Real_DT_Third's picture

Not bad Lupe i copped it today.
G code 3 music's picture

eeee lupe is gonna be on bet today at 6 watch him.... just got his album love it... ur my man lupe
Kimberly's picture

I am loving Love Always Shines Everytime Remember To Smile {LASERS} Album. All the way from THe Bahamas!!!!
migs's picture

All Black Everything - will be the new hotness!
DJ Famine's picture

sooo hot. loving the whole thing
-KickPush's picture

Haha I got youhh Josh!! Im still gonnah buy the album & I want that shirt !
G code 3 music's picture

every one that downloaded his album off of limewire or whatever... pllzzz buy his album he deserves it,, shout out to my man georgie!!
G code 3 music's picture

dammmm love this guy... me and my buddie made a promis saying were gonna listen to all of lupes songs until midnight hits... right after school gonna go straight to target and buys his album.... dammmm never get sick of lupe!!!!!!!!! :)
Chefjossyuk's picture

i have to say it. some of the songs are very generic, for example your hits with MDMA are a eyed peas....sorry dude. i do love "words i never said" and "till i get there" tho. oh and i just bought "as it was written" from amazon track 5 is awsome btw thats the lupe i love.
wwezt's picture

i know his album will do nice. because hi fans arnt just fan we're supporters. and we really just want him to do well so that he can preach tru gospel. shyt its like payin tiths
wwezt's picture

im getin my asap
TheCool_2's picture

cant for this CD to drop
Ozzy's picture

Love this song. Even though it's not what Lupe wanted, he still stayed true to himself (somewhat). No mention of cash, cars or hoes just upliftment that the whole LASERS theme is about. I feel that this is a good way to get people interested in Lupe. You introduce people to this and his other songs with Child Rebel Soldier, as they easy to listen to. Then once they start diggin Lu you can give people a lil history lesson by showing them his older more meaningful tracks.
PapiBear87's picture

Just purchased this today looking forward to it : ).
MAUsenior11's picture

6 days til one of the greatest rappers comes out with the most anticipated album of the year!
G code 3 music's picture

hell yea 10 days until his album comes out :)
yascino's picture

lupe=too dope!
moebettah84's picture

THE SHOW GOES ON, 2nd verse is my favorite, especially the Oakland shot out. Maybe you can do a collab with a Oakland native... HOLLA!
govan21's picture

yea 9-11... they pulled it all... but most is to blind to see..


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