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Food & Liquor

Release date: 
September 19, 2006
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Mpumi's picture

This album is still on replay on my stereo, absolutely love it.
d the b's picture

This album proves that Hip-Hop is not dead... it's just not commercialized. Ever hear any of these songs on the radio? The only one most people I know that people can name is Kick Push... sad seeing as this album completely blew my mind, and I don't even like Kick Push as much.
Real_DT_Third's picture

Probably my Favorite of the 3 albums.
reesewa's picture

love this album mad me know that as long as he is in the game there is hope 4 hip hop 2 bad alot of the kids love bubblle gum music thats out now lol its sucks lupe will only come up lol
Ozzy's picture

I really don't know what to say about this album. I bought it, after listening to The Cool, without any idea of what to expect ('cept 4 Kick, Push). I love how the musical direction in this album is vastly different from The Cool, always something different with Lu's alternative Hip Hop. From what I've heard (Shining Down, I'm Beamin and TSGO) LASERS also has it's own vibe which is good news for me. After this drops I hope Lupe gets to work with Pharrell and Kanye on their debut CRS album. As Pharrell has released Nothing, Kanye My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy and Lupe with LASERS on Tuesday it seems safe to assume that a CRS album will be in the works
calmeaj's picture

Lupe, THIS IS TRUTH. I have had favorite artists before but none who touch the soul and speak truth regardless of what "they" all do... I was a huge Pac and Wayne fan forever, and still am. I used to spin their shit and every gig but after finding you, the dude who cleared my view, they seem like shadows of a desirable past, or failed attempt like good conscience that just came and went. "THIS IS THE ARTIST I HAVE WAITED FOR MY WHOLE LIFE" Is what i said. The one who is gonna change the way people think and bring back feeling and love to making ALL KINDS OF music. Build the future with the gift you have, and keep given all of us the ONE VOICE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AS TRUTH... The ONE artist that has the ducks lined up no matter what they try and cover up.. you are the best, Never stop, US FANS WILL BE YOUR VEST. thats whats up Sincerely, ME.. US -Lupe, never change what you came here to do.. your an inspiration to a lot of people and thats the truth, now get back to the booth and let loose
The Great American Fiasco's picture

Probably one of the best debuts by a Hip-Hop artist ever. Although I did say that The Cool was his best album (imo), that doesn't mean that this is significally worse than The Cool. On the contrary, this album is a classic, very dope album. If you ask me Food and Liquor is as good as The Cool.
Kidaman Adrian's picture

tha best album for a very long time
muslcgeek's picture

Foreal Dis album represents my life.! Hurt me soul and he say she say.. Fuck it we can all move on but the hurt moves with some of us. Lupe foreal man yuh prolly wont read dis but just wanted to let yuh know yuhr music expands my imagination and creativity wen i draw and tag.. This album will always be in my heart foreal i got 3 copies saving 2 for wen im old i can remember how yuhr lyrics motivated me to keep goin. Thanx keep doin wat yuh do.. ill be waitin for the arrival of lazers.. peace. care. love. and share. take care..
Alex King's picture

why wont it play the songs?
StreetzOnFiya5150's picture

This album.... Top 20 of all time easily! I was rockin to "The Instrumental," but Hurt Me Soul and Sunshine was the truth. Real and Just Might Be Ok are hot tracks lyrically and production wise. Dayum I love this album. Never gets old.
genesis the def poet's picture

This album was crazy, american terrorist and hurt me soulwas myfav tracks.
moemoneysouth's picture

Y.C.'s picture

One of the best albums ever Lupe. Each song is an inspiration for me. He Say She Say ... my lifestory. Daydreamin' if I see those fake ass wannabes. American Terrorist ... a world where I live as a Turkish-American person and much more. After I heard this album, I knew Hip-Hop was not dead, it was just sleeping. FNF UP
sheikh617's picture

honestly man....lupe is j ust amazing.... his work is somthin else
Joyce_2's picture

I am native from Augusta, Ga. I am writing to inform everyone that I am organizing a protest of the upcoming Masters Golf Tournament this year. Because of their discriminatory practices against womena and minorites I know this is a shot in the dark but I was hoping to gain the support of Lupe and the rest of THE LASERS ready to right an age old wrong of the deep south...oh and i rap too
Fiascointhenight's picture

SolidLiquidLaser's picture

One of the greatest albums I have ever heard, keep up the diligent work my brotha!!!
rodz's picture

I agree with guy below mi i felt exactly the same way!!! :)
Justice Rhymez's picture

i fell inlove wit hip hop thru kick push and this album is jus fire every song, classic

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