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Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1

About this Album

  • Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1

    • Tracklisting:
    1. Ayesha Says (Intro)

    2. Strange Fruition (feat. Casey Benjamin)

    3. ITAL (Roses)

    4. Around My Way [Freedom Ain't Free]

    5. Audubon Ballroom

    6. Bitch Bad

    7. Lamborghini Angels

    8. Put Em Up

    9. Heart Donor (feat. Poo Bear)

    10. How Dare You? (feat. Bilal)

    11. Battle Scars (With Guy Sebastian)

    12. Brave Heart (feat. Poo Bear)

    13. Form Follows Function

    14. Cold War (feat. Jane $$$)

    15. Unforgivable Youth (feat. Jason Evigian)

    16. Hood Now (Outro)

    Release Date: September 25, 2012
    Tracks: 16
Release date: 
September 25, 2012
Total Tracks: 


lchiang07's picture

Def my fav songs are: Strange Fruition, ITAL (roses), and Heart Donor. This album released a year ago, I'm surprised he hasn't toured yet? Or maybe he will? (Dallas, TX btw) I saw him a couple yrs ago and LOVED him and B.o.B. who opened for him! Sick sick show. Best concert I've been to; incredible experience live.
young_prince's picture

anybody can tell when American Terrorist II (superheroes) and American Terrorist III are published?? i need that information ASAP for my thesis, help me please, thx, :D
MrHakla1's picture

I grew up on tha WESTSIDE of CHICAGO,and to have an EMCEE from that side of town speakin more than just guns,mobs,birds etc.,was and still is so uplifting...MY DAUGHTER LOVES HIP HOP CHANGED MY LIFE and she 4yrs old,but I was bangin that around her since the 1st week THE COOL came out,she was little then,and she hears it now and its like the 1st time she heard it,STILL ROCKIN 2 IT!!!!! Good music feeds tha soul,no matter tha age or time,or whuts present,and as long as LUPE keeps it MEAN AND VICIOUS, and never DUMB IT DOWN, he will always be considered THA NAS OF THA WESTSIDE OF THA CHI....PERIOD!!!!!
Chahtawoman's picture

After Ramadan I hope to see some concert dates haven't caught a show in a year
RobertoLimaRodrigues's picture

never expected any less from Lupe he is truly an amazing artist no matter how old his music is or new it always moves me to be a better person and for that thank u Lupe
JWill6113's picture

Part 2 PLEASE!!!
S'niGGs3's picture

This album is DOPE!!!!!!
chanel1998's picture

lupes songs are so deep and send out a true message to everyone about TRUE life. but the world is to distracted in sex, money,and killing to focuse on the real things in life and just by listening to his songs we can be reminded about reality instead of an illusion.- forever lasor
bernill waston's picture

great album best tracks strange fruition and bitch bad keep it up bro!!
Sirjay Barner's picture

Anybody who knows what real Hip HOP IS KNOW THAT Drake's Take Care album had no place winning best Album of the year over F&L2 PT1
B'Nard Harkness's picture

Waiting on F n L part 2
truthbedared's picture

You have one more fan Lupe - thanks for speaking the truth and keeping it real about the reality of this country. Obama speaks of innocents being killed here but has no problem dropping bombs on innocents overseas. The hypocrisy is shameful. The SHeeple need to wake up. <3
LasaneParish's picture

Lupe Fiasco is like a breath of fresh air,Food & Liquor II is proof that Lupe is on top of his game.
T-I.L.L-GibbZ's picture

I just can not! Wait until part 2 comes out
WJP's picture

Food & Liquor Part 2 is an awesome album. I hope to hear more music from this artist in the years to come.
shez's picture

F&L part 1 is a hot album following in its great heritage shame its not lighting up the charts where dem lasers!! well done lupe its beautiful cant wait for part 2

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